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Madeleine’s Vintage-Style French Cafe

I wanted to share some of the experiences we had while in Spokane while at Farm Chicks. We ate a few of our meals at this really neat, little french bistro style restaurant named Madeleine’s. It was an amazing vintage-style French cafe. even the cards had a vintage french flair and were very on brand. It just lent to the entire experience.
Madelines in Spokane Vintage Style French Cafe


It’s the kind of place I really wish we had in our town. It had a bakery with everything sweet from pain-au-chocolat to fruit tartes, as well as savories such as cheese strata and artichoke and white bean salad. There wasn’t enough time to eat everything I could there. I had a bittersweet, dark chocolate eclair the first night. I felt like I was in a bakery in France.
Chocolate Eclair on a plate with a knife and fork


All of the decor had a great flea market style feel to it, from old rustic benches to vintage decor. Even the quaint chalkboard sign and lights on hanging wires spoke to being in Paris or the French countryside with it’s decorating.
waiting in line at Madeline's French cafe with vintage decor
It had a great artsy feel and fabulous deserts and salads. I had a chicken curry, and a balsamic vinegar vegetable pasta. It felt so decadent after my normal Kraft mac and cheese at home. The atmosphere really lent to the entire experience.
Cute cafe seating area at Madelines


I loved how they used an old bench with this yellow paint to bring in such a collected feel in the vintage French style cafe.

Vintage bench for seating in a french cafe
It was an amazing place to gather with friends who also went on the trip to Farm Chicks.

Friends at a table at Madelines

Breakfast on Sunday included the wonderful Jeanne, Kasey, Sara.
Friends at Madelines cafe


And the fabulous Amy and Tara, and Jackie  were just so much fun to hang out with! If you’re in the area, the vintage decor and food make the perfect pair! The show itself was great ( I’ll show you my treasures later.), but to meet these wonderful and talented women has been the greatest honor. It’s like meeting an old friend. One of the girls brought up a good point; we know such personal things about each other in blogland, but for the most part, we never get to meet face to face. It was such a wonderful experience to find out what warm and fun people these were in person. I have a few other new friends I was able to meet as well and I’ll share in in other posts. My only hope after this weekend is someday I will be able to meet all of you!
I have more pics for you of the Farm Chicks show itself and this party at a very cool and rustic cafe called Chaps coming this week! I am glad to be back and see all of you!
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