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Make a DIY Mud Washed Black Vase with Paint

One of the huge trends I was noticing was people painting vases black and then smearing them with a mud and water combination. While I think it lends to a pretty cool finish, I see a huge problem with cleaning them, I mean, they are smeared them with the one thing you want to remove when you clean it. I decided to try to make a DIY mud washed black vase with paint, so even without sealing it, it would hold up better. In the end, I would still seal it with a very matte varnish or polyacrylic to protect it and give it more durability.

Create a black DIY mud washed vase with chalky paint

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It was pretty easy. You need a vase from the thrift store, Multi-Surface-Paint, Gray Chalky Finish Paint, a fan brush and a matte sealer. You can also grab the supplies here. I have a video of the entire process you can check out below.

Upcycle a ceramic vase with multi-surface paint

After making sure the thrift store vase is clean and free of oils or residue, use a flat, soft bristled brush to paint the entire surface with a multi-surface paint, and let dry completely. It would even help to let it dry overnight. Starting the mud wash technique before the paint is cured could end up removing the paint when going over the top.

Completely base coat your vase in black paint

Once the black paint is dry, use a slightly damp paper towel and grey chalky finish paint to lightly rub the paint into the surface. This will give it that matte washed look.

Create a black DIY mud-washed vase with paint

To create the “mud washed” accents, use the fan brush to dip the tips in the gray chalk paint. Off load most of the paint, and then lightly brush the tips on the painted vase in a  horizontal motion. A light touch is the key. If you want a more “smeary” look, dip a small bit of paper towel in the chalk paint, and rub it gently onto the surface. If you over do it, grab a damp paper towel to remove the paint. Once the surface has the “washed appearance” you prefer, seal it with a matte varnish.

Create a mud washed look with chalky finish paint

That’s it! So easy! As easy as getting a pan of mud from the yard and smearing it all over. I filled mine with  hydrangeas and asparagus ferns for a pretty, airy look.

Hydrangeas and asparagus arrangement in a mud washed vase

If you are looking  for another way to age your black vase with a more textured, antique look, you can also see this cool tutorial from Ms. Craftberry Bush.

DIY mud washed vase tutorial with video

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