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Wheat Gold Hoop Wreath

With fall finally here, it’s a great time to get a little crafty. I love how wheat feels so fall-like and I love the texture wheat has. I added it to my mantelscape this year as well, and en masse, it smells amazing. I had some left over from my mantelscape decor, grabbed a hoop on Amazon and with a little glue gun magic, made a wheat gold hoop wreath to hang on our door.  The pretty thing about this wreath is that the wheat is only is on the bottom of the hoop, so it has an airy, boho feel.

DIY gold hoop wreath for fall


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To make this project, you’ll need a gold hoop (like the kind they use for macrame. I cannot macrame, so I have to find other uses for gold hoops.), raffia, 1 – 2 bundles of dried wheat stalks(about 30 stalks), and hot glue. You can also find all of the supplies here.

Supplies for a gold hoop wheat wreath

Start by wrapping the bottom of the wreath where your wheat is going to be with raffia. Use a drop of hot glue to tack the edges down to the hoop. This will give the wheat something to hold onto.

Raffia on a gold hoop to make a wreath

Lay out the wheat on the hoop before trimming. There are a lot of ways to lay out the wheat, it can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Part of the gold hoop can be covered up, or just a little bit exposed.

Laying out wheat on gold hoop before gluing

Once you are satisfied with the layout, trim the stalks to about 2 inches long after the head of the wheat.

Lay out wheat on wreath

Start by gluing the wheat heads from the top down, making them even on each side to match each other, and work your way down the wreath. Tucking and gluing stalks in as you go.

HOt glue wheat to gold wreath

When adding the wreath, staggering and overlapping slightly is the best technique. As add many wheat stalks as needed to make the wreath as full or as sparse as desired.

Wrap raffia around hoop for the wreath

When you reach the bottom where the two sides meet, use a few pieces of raffia to wrap the center and hide the loose stem ends on the gold hoop wreath.

Make a boho inspired wheat wreath DIY

Use another piece of raffia to hang the wreath from the top. I added a raffia bow, but that can be left off for a simpler look.

Boho wheat wreath DIY

It’s such a pretty, simple statement and can be kept out all the way until Thanksgiving!

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Make a DIY gold hoop wheat wreath