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How to Make a Leather Wrapped Bottle Vase

I love when materials on-hand make the perfect project! I had a few small bottles, and some extra scrap leather for jewelry making, and I thought that making a leather wrapped bottle vase would be the perfect way to display some dried grasses as a fun boho-ish kind of accent.

Make a leather wrapped vase with a few simple supplies

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To make the leather-wrapped vases (you can use vegan leather or other materials if you don’t want to use real leather), you just need a few simple supplies: You can find them all here, or in your local craft store. You’ll need: A leather punch, pen or pencil to mark holes, scrap leather to fit around your bottle, bottles (new or recycled), scissors, thin leather cording, a drop of glue.

Supples for creating a leather wrapped bottle vase

First measure your leather and make sure it goes all the way around your bottle, trimming if necessary. While you can do some fancy measuring with a ruler or tape measure, I prefer just to eyeball it.

Roll bottle in leather to measure

Once you have the right length, then use a pen or pencil to mark where your holes for your cording will be near the end. I used a white gel pen on the inside where it wouldn’t be seen. I marked out 5 holes. You can make as many as you like depending on how much detail you want with your leather cording.

Mark holes on leather for leather punch

Instead of trying to exactly line up my holes with the pen on each side, my leather was thin enough to just double it up and punch through both pieces at once.

Use a leather punch to make holes in your leather for your vase

Once the holes were punched,  I used the leather cording to lace it on like a shoe lace.

Use leather cording to lace leather onto the bottle

There are lots of ways to lace these up and make them look interesting. I opted to lace both of mine a little differently, one has an outside knot and the other is hidden.

Add a knot and cut the excess leather cording

Once they are laced up, knot the ends and  add a drop of glue to the bottom and trim the excess cording.

Leather wrapped bottles with lacing

I added some dried grass and put them near my front entryway next to a bowl of hydrangeas cut from our yard. I think they are so cute and add a nice bit of texture.

Leather wrapped bottle vases

This would also be pretty cool on a larger scale as well. I might make one with a cylinder and see how it looks!

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