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Make it! The Rosette wreath…

Who doesn’t love a cute little wreath for under $10? Plus rosettes are hot this season and easy to make!

You’ll need :
A small styrofoam wreath form
3/4 yard of wool felt
needle and thread
1/3 yard red ticking fabric
and a hot glue gun (HGG) baby…

Cut your fabric strips depending on how big you want your rosettes. My largest rosettes were 2 inch by 18inch strips. My smallest ones were 1 inch by 8 inch strips.

To make a rosette; start by twisting your felt strip and then folding the first twist back on itself. Sew it as you go along, twisting and folding it, following the curve around doing an over hand stitch.It does not have to be pretty. When it’s as big as you want it;
snip the excess off and sew the loose end down.

When you have all of your rosettes made, wrap 2 inch strips of felt around your wreath form, gluing or sewing them together as you go. To get teh bumpy texture mine has, give the felt an occasional “twist” on each go around. Sew or glue the last piece down.

Make sure you play with your rosette pattern before you charge up the HGG
to make sure you know where you want to place them.
Hot glue the rosettes onto the wrapped felt piece, add your ripped strip of ticking and viola! You’re done for under $10!

Let the Christmas crafting begin!!!!
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