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How to make a pretty $8 art display board from foam core board and paint….

Hi everyone! I am in the middle of giving a bedroom makeover to the room Little and Oldest share. They are getting a new look top to bottom, and it’s kind of fun to do something really cool and colorful, and with lots of  goodies! I wanted to share the  projects as I go along, until the big reveal.One of the first projects is a pretty $8 art display board  made out of foam core and clothes pins! Lots of bang for your buck!

Make your own foam core art displayThe firs thing I did was buy super thick foam core from the craft store. It was $5.99 for a big piece which was perfect! The other $2 was on paint and clothes pins. 🙂 I made a template out of newspaper, not realizing until later that it was the obituaries. That’s some classy crafting  for you.

How to make your own foam core art displayI traced over my lines to make sure I cut it out along the right lines.

How to build a foam core art diplay board I did have a few re-traces. That’s where the dark, marker lines help.

How to build a art diplay board out of foam coreAfter that I painted the entire thing one of he room colors and let dry. Once it was totally dry, I traced a rectangle in pencil to the inside of the edges.

How to use foam core to make a art display boardI painted the inside rectangle gold so the art work would pop out.

How to make an art display board out of foam core and clothes pinsThen I painted the clothes pins the same color gold and after they were dry, hot glued them on the board.

I made sure I measured the correct spacing for the art work I picked. I also used a gold sharpie to outline the board. I just followed  the edge about a 1/4 inch in. It’s not perfect, but I still like the way it turned out.

How to build an $8 display board out of faom coreOnce everything was dry,I hung it up and clipped in the art work!

How to build an $8 foam core board for your kids art work. jpgI picked this amazing print from Katie Daisy’s shop The Wheatfield.

How to make an $8 foam core art display boardI love her shop! She is super talented and amazing.

How to make an $8 display board our of foam core and clothes pins! You would never guess this only cost $8 to make!And she was super-sweet to ship it to me quickly too! I can’t wait to order a few more of her prints to switch them out.

Little loves her print and her $8 art display board and the way her part of the room is coming along! And the nice thing is it’s really light so if she happens to knock it down it shouldn’t hurt that much. 🙂

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  1. I really love this, Jennifer! You made such a beautiful display board for a little bit of money {which is always great}. It seems even easy enough for someone like myself who is not very artistic. Love the colors you used on your board and the artwork looks great on it.

    1. Hi, may I know what you use to cut the super thick foam core? Thanks in advance =)

      1. I just used a craft knife to carefully score my marks. After that it kind of snaps.

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