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Adding cabinets and a working on a metal pipe table for the shop

Setting up the store is a  whirlwind of craziness. People are constantly in and out, stuff is coming and going, and there seems to be a mountain of stuff to do.We’ve been trying to get the Makery portion completed so we can get that off our plate, and start stocking the fun art supplies. We sourced tall cabinets to use for storage, and needed  a long workbench of some sort to go between them. After pricing out long table options, we decided our best, and least expensive option, was to find a way to build it ourselves. We finally settled on a metal pipe table with common board lumber. The supplies were about $150, which was way less than our other options were priced at. Everything else we had looked at was about $650 to $1,000 for the same size.

Shop before metal pipe tableworkbench

There were a few configurations we had talked about, but decided that using the pipes in the front and back would be the best way to do it, we will be adding shelves to go across the bottom pipes, with pipe clamps to hold them on. We also needed a way to raise the cabinets off the floor. I love building things so I tackled this with gusto.

Adding legs to cabinets to make standing units

Adding legs to the cabinets was the easy part. I love using these plates from the home improvement store. They make it crazy easy to add legs, as I did with these DIY crate tables.

An eay way to add cabinet bases

They make it so easy to make anything a table, the feet are pre-threaded and just screw in.

Converting cabinets to free standing units

Once the cabinets were completed, we started on the metal pipe table workbench.  At the store, we could have bought the pieces pre-cut, but found even though it took more (a lot ) of time, it was way cheaper to have them cut down, and thread longer pieces. We did find out that black pipe has an oily coating on it you have to wash off, we used a bit of Dawn dish soap and it worked like a charm.

Putting together a long metal pipe table

I pre-built the top with dimensional lumber, so the metal pipe table was ready to go once we had the pipes together. After everything was cut, it was then a matter of putting it together. We did find that we needed a pipe wrench to be able to get the pipes in as tight as they would go, and some muscles.

Leveling legs on a metal pipe table

We used a level after it was put together to make sure the pipes were even.

Attaching metal pipe legs for a table to a wood top

Once we had it leveled, we measured and screwed the flange parts into the wood to attach it to the table top. We are going to add an apron in front, and stain the top. I can’t wait to show you in a few days how it looks. It’s exciting to see it come along!

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  1. Loving the look and function of this table combined with cabinets. You will have people copying this idea for their own studios, garage workspaces, and even a cool look for a loft space for an entire wall.
    Can’t wait to see your progress. Dreams really do come true!

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