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In the yard in August,apples, raspberries and more.

The summer has rolled by so fast,and I can’t believe July is pretty much over already! I had a break from the shop on Sunday, and spent some time this weekend weeding in the garden. It’s amazing to see the yard in August, and how everything finally fills in and looks amazing and lush. We’ve been picking green beans,cucumbers and tomatoes, and it’s almost time for the cool weather veggies to go in.

Backayrd landscaping

The large leaf plant is a zucchini that just popped up on it’s own. I was really excited when I started to see little zucchinis form, but now every time I try to pick one of decent size, I see that some small creature has decided to snack on it first.If anyone has a way of keeping that from happening, let me know, I am all ears!

Even thought I lost a lot of lavender this spring from the dry winter, the new transplants have already filled in nicely, and I’ve picked a few bouquets. Did you know you can propagate your own lavender and rosemary?

Brick lavender path and the yard in August

This is still my favorite place to walk in the yard when the sun hits the lavender. It smells amazing!

Arbor with hops vine

I planted a hops vine on my trellis last year, and this season, it’s really taken off. It’s a really sturdy vine, and can grow up to 20 feet in one season.

Hops vine in the midwest garden

I love how organic looking the hops flowers are. They have a really nice texture, and I love their bright green color. Maybe we’ll have to start making our own beer!

Hops vine on a trellis

I am really excited that we finally have apples this year!

Dwarf Fuji apple tree

I planted a golden apple tree a few years ago, and we’ve never had a single apple off of it. Last year, I planted a dwarf Fuji apple tree and it was loaded!  I wonder if the cross-pollination from the other tree helped? I am anxiously waiting and I hope we can get them before the squirrels do.

Dwarf fuji apples

The fall raspberries are also starting to come in.

Red fall raspberries

We just started seeing Japanese beetles  and the  damage they cause to the leaves ( if they are also a problem for you, here’s a little bit about control.), but so far is hasn’t been too bad. At least they leave the ripe fruit alone. The real problem I have with harvesting ripe raspberries, isn’t the bugs. It’s fighting off the kids. They love to graze the bushes whenever they are out in the yard in August into September. Even though I end up having slim pickings for the kitchen, I can’t be too mad, because I mean, they are eating fruit, right?

gravel path with raspberry patch

It’s been nice to come home after a day a the shop and walk the yard, cutting flowers, and picking fruit here and there. Since I’m away a lot more than I’m used to, the yard is looking a mite weedier than normal. Hubby has been helping a ton, and even weeded for me this weekend. I have to say the yard in August into September is my favorite time, before we hit the frost in October and everything looks gross again. I heard we are going to have a warm fall, so I am really looking forward to being outside longer this year.