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Clint Harp, Andrew Shue and the Haven Conference 2017

In the middle of  opening the new shop, I had to leave Autumn behind to keep things rolling, and hop on a plane for a quick trip to the Haven Conference 2017. I was feeling a little uncomfortable going with so much to do at home, but asked to mentor a group of bloggers at the conference, so it certainly added to the pressure. Opening a store, I am finding out, is a bit like  having  a baby. When you are pregnant, you are 100% sure you are prepared.You have everything ready, and you are aglow with the idea of the sweet, little bundle in your arms, excited to breathe in the scent of baby powder and love. Then, the little angel pops out, and  after a few days of bliss,you bring your most precious thing in the world home. Even though you love them so much your heart could shatter in two, they cry all night and projectile poop on you, rewarding you with brief,shining moment’s of cuddly joy… It’s kind of like that.

Gypsy kitchen in Atlanta

So I left the chaos for a few days, and headed to HOTLANTA. Let me tell you,I thought Chicago had days of heat and humidity. The first day I was there, we had  dinner at the Gypsy Kitchen with our awesome ad network. It was 90 degrees with 90% humidity. I should have worn a swimsuit. It was like getting a free class of hot yoga, without all of the stretching and downward dog.

Yummy drink the Seville rose

It helped to have a yummy drink called the Seville Rose. It was delicious and had vodka in it. I’m not  a huge drinker, but on a hot night like that it was a winning combo with slow sips between gallons of water.

Restoration Hardware in Atlanta

There was also an amazing rooftop view of Restoration Hardware. The building itself is pretty fantastic.

Jennifer Rizzo and Andrew Shue

Any Melrose Place fans out there? I was able to grab a pic with Andrew Shue who is actually a part of our ad network, Adthrive (who are pretty awesome, did I say that?).

Haven group mentees 2017

As a mentor, I had a really amazing group of women, and I LOVED spending time with them.They were so great to let me talk at them for 3 days. We had some really great conversations, and I am really excited for the ways they can take their businesses to the next level ( I’m offering a special rate for Haven conference attendees for my Branding beyond blogging consults, if you attended Haven and are interested in how you can take your blogging and branding to the next level, shoot me an email!)

Jennifer Rizzo and Clint Harp

I also was able to have a chat, and grab a pic with Clint Harp from Fixer Upper, who now has his own show.  He’s a really, really nice guy. It’s amazing the paths you can be led on, if you are willing  to follow them.

At the Haven conference 2017, My Vintage Farmhouse,Shades of blue interiors,Jennifer Rizzo, Craftberry Bush, and Finding sliver pennies

our vintage farmhouse/shades of blue interiors/me/craftberry bush/finding silver pennies

The best part was getting to connect with the many friends I only really get to see briefly on-line. These are my peeps. They get me. It’s amazing how much we have in common and how much I missed them!

Thristlewood farms,craftberry bush,My french country cottage,Balancing beauty and bedlam, Jennifer Rizzo

thistlewood farms/craftberry bush/my french county cottage/balancing beauty and bedlam/me


Believe it or not, I’m actually  a bit of  a homebody and introvert. Given the choice between a party and a night at home in my jim-jams, I would totally pick an early night, and do so on a regular basis like a big loser. Getting out into the world at the Haven conference 2017 reminds me I need that kind of interaction, and I need to get out and connect with other people. It’s a good reminder that  learning is an endless process, and going to a place like Haven and learning new things helps me to up my game and stay current. If you are a bit like me, it never hurts to get out of your comfort zone a bit, and head on new adventures, even if you have a few going on at home already.






  1. Jen! I am about a hot plate away from Grey Gardens, so I feel your stay-at-home pain! When your store opens, you’ll be able to, as I call it, “press the flesh” a lot more than you do now! Much success to you!

  2. My mouth may have dropped completely open when Andrew Shue passed by me in the hallway!!!! It was a pleasure to meet you in real life as they say.

  3. You’re right – it was HOT! I had a great time and was really humbled to get to chat with so many experienced bloggers like yourself!

  4. Jen! We were so blessed to have you take time out of your crazy busy schedule to be a mentor at Haven 2017!!! It is always so good to see you and spend time with you! I loved our late night talks in our suite! Does my heart good!

    See you next year in Charleston! 🙂


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