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Easy DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments with Spices and Dried Orange Slices

The best thing about the holidays are all of the ways you can create handmade decor and gifts! Today in another episode of Let’s Make Something, we are making Easy DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments with Spices and Dried Orange Slices on a Mini-Gold Hoop. These are so darn cute and sweet! If you don’t macrame, that’s ok! I don’t either. In fact, macrame made me cry once I am so bad at it! lol. The video below is closed captioned so you can watch it with the sound off, or you can continue to the step by step pictures below.

Dried orange spice rings and mini gold hoop rings

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To make this project, you’ll need mini-gold hoops, whole spices, macrame yarn, glue, and DIY dried orange slices.

Spices used for making spice hoop rings and hanging dried oranges

Find the supplies here

Learn to Make a Dried Orange Slice Garland

You can also make these longer or shorter, or even use larger hoops and yarn to make door wreaths. The most important part of creating a cohesive look with the ornament is to make sure to loop all of the yarn in the same direction on the hoop; otherwise some knots will be on the front, and other knots will be on the back.

Tie a loop onto the gold hoop in cotton twine

Cut your cotton macrame yarn between 8 and 10 inches long. Create a loop and pull the ends of the yarn through the loop. Continue around the ring about 1/3 of the way, snugging the loops up to each other.

Continue to loop twine onto gold hoop

At this point the yarn lengths will be uneven, you can trim them now, or you can wait to trim them until the macrame ornament is completed.

Glue spices onto twine

Glue whole spices to the ring. Spices such as cloves, allspice,and even peppercorns are cute combined together and smell amazing. I love making things that make my house smell good. I always use this trick when I want my house to smell like I’m baking cookies when I’m too lazy to actually make some. Whole cinnamon sticks are also a nice way to add a holiday scent to your ornaments. I also had some left over orange slices from this project, and made dried orange slice ornaments as well.

Easy DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments and orange spice ring with dried orange slices

I used a cinnamon stick to add some interest and a lovely scent to the orange slice spice ornament. I added it by tying the cinnamon stick with a loop first, and then tied it to the orange slice.

Dried orange spice rings and mini gold hoop rings

Let the macrame ornaments dry flat until completely dry, and then hang. Now is a good time to trim the length of the macrame yarn. You can trim directly across, or in a fun asymmetrical pattern.

Mini gold hoop spice rings and hanging orange spice rings easy macrame ornaments

There are lots of options in hanging and trimming the ornaments. These easy DIY macrame Christmas ornaments can be used as ornaments on the Christmas tree, as gift toppers, a wine bottle decoration, or even a pretty window display. Of course, always keep out of reach of small children, pets and heat or flame.

Easy DIY Macrame Christmas Ornaments  and Gold hoop mini spice rings

These are so easy to make, and I love the light spicy scent they give off in the sunlight.

This is a sweet DIY ornament project and I love that it uses fake macrame so I don’t have to cry. lol.