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How to make a Dried Orange Slice Garland

A DIY Dried Orange Slice Garland is a pretty way to add a sweet, and colorful touch to your winter decor. It adds a lovely orange scent to your holiday decor, and this dried fruit garland is an easy Christmas craft to make! In this post I share a tutorial on how to make a dried orange slice garland simple and easy!

How to make a dried orange slice garland

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While you can dry  your own orange slices in your oven, you can also purchase them, which makes this easy project even easier!

Making a DIY Dried Orange Garland

I have a fun DIY video of the step by step of how I made the garland, or you can see some of the steps after the video  or  in pictures below. If you are making your own slices, see this post (you can also dry lemons, grapefruit or other citrus fruits). There are a few things you’ll need like parchment paper, a cooling rack, baking sheet, etc. or you can buy some here.

It just takes a few simple supplies to make a DIY Dried Orange Slice Garland: Dried Orange or Citrus Slices, Hemp Cord or some kind of twine, yarn or even clear fishing line, a yarn needle, and a hole punch. I happened to have a leather punch on hand, so I used that. You can also add fun extras to your garland like cinnamon sticks, cranberries (I recommend fake ones if you want to use this from year to year), Dried pine cones, or jingle bells.

Supplies for creating a garland out of dried orange slices

You could also use a wood skewer, toothpick or larger embroidery needles as well to make the hole. You can find all of the supplies here in my Amazon store front under “Dried Orange Slice Garland Supplies”.

Use a hole punch to make a hole in orange slice

Creating the holes in your dried orange slices

I used a leather punch to make my hole near the top of the slice to make a perfectly round hole on my dried oranges. The most important thing is to not tear the dried fibers, especially if you want to give these as a gift. I recommend if you are going to give these as a food gift to either dry them yourself or make sure you are buying food grade orange slices and not ones for crafting that could be treated with something.

String hemp cord through hole in orange slice

String your orange slices on your thread or cord

Cut your hemp cord length to the desired size, and then add another two feet to make up for the knots and loops on the end. while creating your citrus garland.  String the hemp cord through the top of each slice, keeping them evenly spaced while threading and making the knots along the cording to keep them in place.

Tie knots at the top of each dried orange to create a garland

Once all of your slices are knotted on the hemp, tie loops in each end so you have something to hang it from, and always keep out of reach of small children and pets and away from heat or flame. Stored n a cool dry place and away from moisture this orange slice garland is a beautiful addition to the holiday season and your Christmas decor.

Tie a loop in the end of the cord

Other uses for dried orange slices

After that you’re ready to hang! Dried orange slices can also be used to make orange slice ornaments, potpourri or even a wreath. They are beautiful hanging on a Christmas tree, and a few oranges can make quite a few slices.

Oven baked orange slices made into a DIY garland

I added my dried orange garland to my faux mantel for some color.You can see my full winter mantel here.

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DIY dried orange slice garland

(Keep garland out of reach of children, pets and flame sources. Video is for entertainment purposes only, all DIY’s are attempted at your own risk.)