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Modern Wood Painted Flower Pot

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes with another one of my simple and affordable crafts.This month, I made a very easy modern wood painted flower pot to help usher in spring! This is so easy to do with just a few supplies.
Modern wood flower pot painted

Supplies: wood flower pot (I used this one), artist brush, painter’s tape, paint in your choice of colors (note: craft or wall paint works equally as well), toothbrush (inexpensive at dollar stores), and a plant.
supplies for painting a modern wood flower pot
Begin by taping off the portion of the flower pot that you will be painting. I did roughly half with paint, and half left natural. I also, taped the inside of the pot so I would get a crisp edge on the lip. Then, give the pot a coat or two of paint and let dry.
Using painters tape to create a modern wood flower pot with black paint
When dry, use the toothbrush to splatter your second color of paint on the portion of the flower pot you just painted. (This gets a bit messy, so be sure to protect your workspace.) Leave the pot on its side until fully dry and then remove the painter’s tape.


Paint a modern wood flower pit for spring with speckled paint
Add your favorite plant to your modern wood painted flower pot (I kept mine in its original pot and didn’t transplant) and enjoy! Those wood eggs are done in almost exactly the same manner. (Tutorial at the end of this post.)
Modern wood flower pot for spring with beads and greenery
It’s a really fun accent for a side table.
Cute  speckled modern wood flower pot
Here’s a close up of the effect that using the toothbrush gives. I wanted pretty consistent and full coverage and I love the variation between the fine splatter and the bigger blotches.  No two pieces are the same, so these are truly unique.
Black and white speckled modern wood flower pot


speckled modern wood flower pot
Also, I love the graphic element of dip dye or two tone when decorating. Because I taped off the lip when painting, this piece even looks cool from the top.



clover in a pot
I hope you all enjoyed this little project! It would be a fantastic one to do with children, too!
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