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The No Money Spent Office Makeover

If you’ve been following along in Instagram stories this weekend, you’ll have seen that I decided to start one project in my house (swapping carpets) to only have that lead into multiple other projects, including going through boxes in a closet, painting a small table green, and a no money spent office makeover. I have a video after the jump how switching the rugs lead to this mini-makeover.

Small Office before makeover

A few years ago, we tiled our sub-level floor with tile that looks like wood. We love not only how well it’s held up, but how durable and cleanable it is. The little “office” space was a play room for a while. It slowly transitioned into my small studio space for a while, then a storage catch all. Most recently it became an on-the-fly small study area when we threw an old computer in there because the kids needed to be in separate spaces for school.  Frequently there was a  “In a Google meet” sign taped to the door during at-home learning.

Office with wood look ceramic tile

Well, the kiddos are back in 5 days a week, and honestly, it was just getting more and more filled with junk and soooo dirty as you can see by the picture. It really needs a big makeover with paint, but for now it really needed a good cleaning and restyling. What started it was I bought a new rug for our dining room during the “Way day” sales. The rug that was in the office was gross and had paint on it, so getting rid of that rug and then using the old dining room rug seemed like the perfect option. Once I started moving furniture and cleaning, the proverbial can of worms was open, and I spent the day elbow-deep in cleaning, moving and throwing out. It was a lot of work, but by the time I was done. it was so rewarding.

Small table before painting green makeover

I moved a chair from our bedroom to make  a little seating area, and  a vintage brown side table. Of course, after I put it in place, I realized that the original wood was just to heavy, so I started painting it with some extra green paint I had on hand…in the middle of everything else.

Long view small office makeover with shop your house

About half way through I surveyed the damage and realized the rest of my house was a complete disaster. It was definitely worth it, and the little office space looks so much better.

No money spent office makeover in a small basement office with items from around the house

It was nice to be able to shop my own house in the no money spent office makeover. I had everything on-hand already.

Small office makeover idea

Simple and easy is the way to go in starting a project with limited time and resources. I have a grander plan for the space than a no money spent office makeover. Here’s a peek at what I have in mind.

Future office makeover ideas for a small basement office

Some wall and trim painting are in the near future, replacing the shade with blinds, and sanding the desk to bare wood and waxing. It’s going to be on my  summer project list to tackle.





  1. Nice transformation! I just love your desk. Can you share where you found it, please?

    1. Hi Joan.
      I picked it up a few years ago at a flea market. It has a really cool shape, doesn’t it?

  2. That is amazing. But..where did you put the junk and shelving ? Just asking for a friend. LOL

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