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I am blessed to have one of my grandmother’s Peony plants in my yard. It give me some beautiful flowers every spring. I can’t help picking some and putting them in my house for a bit of color. If it weren’t for those darn ants, they would be my favorite flower, but the ants creep me out a bit. They do smell amazing, so I can hardly blame them!
Pink peonies
I love grabbing them  ll since they are only here for a short time! I love how they look in vintage bottles lined up on my mantel.
I used this as a part of my summer home tour. You can see more of it here.
Use mirror to add a source of light to a room
 I have this amazing vintage ironstone sop server that’s missing the lid. I love using it for  big blooms.
 I also put some in few a vintage milk bottles on my kitchen window sill.
They make everything so cheerful!

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  1. Jen,
    I love peonies.They have always been one of my favorites among many flowers.I had these at our previous home.I had to plant these away from my house because of the ants.I never had a problem with ants in my house.But I did have to shake these off a bit before bringing them into the house.I have heard that ants love the sweet nectar.

  2. Peonies are my favorite! In fact I just posted about them yesterday on my blog. Unfortunately, mine are from the florist…they don’t grow too well where I live. Yours are beautiful.

  3. I love peonies..I have 6 pink, 1 white and 1 raspberry color..My girlfriend told me you
    can dry them..I gathered a bunch of them and hung them upside down and it really did work..Crazy I thought but she was right..Who knew..I will be using them in a wreath..

  4. My parents used to have peonies in their yard and I too was always freaked out at the ants. Yours really do look pretty in spite of that.

  5. After you cut the peonies, submerge the blooms in a bucket of water. All the ants will leave the flowers and they’ll be safe to bring in the house.

    1. Thanks for the tip. We used to have so many peonies in our last home, now we moved to sunny AZ and I never see them. I don’t think they can live during our hot summers to bloom in the beautiful winters 🙁

  6. An older woman who raises them told me that the ants are necessary in the blooming process. Interesting theory and a little google search revealed that there is some truth to it. They are my favorites as well. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I LOVE peonies – epseically when I found out just how easy they are to grow. I was reading a gardening book that threw me for a high maintenance curve with the planting instructions (exactly this far above dirt level, but not too deep and water like this and pamper like that) but I said “heck with it” threw five bushes in the ground and oh my goodness gorgeous! Last year was my first year and the ants TOTALLY freaked me out. Not enough to stop loving on some peonies though. Especially when they bloom with my pink hydrangeas…oh stop my heart.


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