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Paper Coffee Filter Flowers

When creating the most recent store display, I wanted to have something hang from above  that was light and whimsical. I had already created the coffee filter bunny and had a lot of them left over. I loved the idea of creating a lily of the valley or something that resembled a more bell-shaped flower with the petals hanging down by making paper coffee filter flowers, I love how light and airy they are. They are the perfect addition the spring display in the store and just need a few simple supplies!

Store display of paper flowers made from coffee filters in front of a window

Supplies to create the coffee filter flowers, you’ll need:

White coffee filters

Green floral wire

Yellow tape such as masking tape or duct tape

Sewing thread and a needle

Maybe: Wire pliers and eye protection

Separate coffee filters from each other

Steps before making your coffee filter flowers

-Separate out all of your coffee filters from each other. They tend to stick in each other as they nest. Trim some coffee filters about an inch shorter on the ends and leave some long. These will be the exterior petals. Make a set of each of these per flower.

Trim coffee filters with scissors

-Pre-cut your wire to about 2 inch lengths. Using the kind of wire that comes in a roll with a snipper on the pack makes it much easier to cut it to the right length. Make a u-shape by bending it in half and curl the ends up slightly with either jewelry pliers or by hand. When working with wire always wear proper eye protection.

-Apply pre-cut cut the yellow tape. On the end of the wires, wrap a ball of tape around them. This becomes the stamen for the flowers.

-Thread your needle and thread to about a 15 inch length and double knot the ends together.

Bend wire to create a u shape and add yellow tape

Assembling your coffee filter flowers

Layer one short trimmed coffee filter over the top of a regular sized one any put aside. Sew a stitch in the middle to hold them together.

Use a needle and thread to join two coffee filters together

Place the “u” shape section into the two coffee filters nestled together and use the needle and thread to sew them together. You can also glue this but it may not stay together as well once it’s hanging.

Loop thread through paper coffee fliters

Once the parts are sewed together, create a large loop , leaving it. This will be where it hangs from. Knot it off on the inside of the flower on the other thread.

Sew the top of the flower to hold string in place

After that your flower is ready to hang!

Hanging coffee filter flower with yellow center

I made about 12 for my display and I love that they gently hang there, swaying slightly with any little breeze.

Paper coffee filter flowers on a tree branch for display

The paper coffee filter flowers really lighten up the display from the top and make a pretty visual!

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