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Super-Cute Ceramic Vase Makeover

You have to love a  $1.99 vase. I found this one at the thrift store. I thought it had a nice shape, and had such cute potential, but I hated the finish. It reminded me of 1985 and not in a good way. I had a can of Catalina Mist left over from this project and gave it a few quick coats to make a Super-Cute Ceramic Vase Makeover. Did you know you can spray paint ceramic with the right kind of spray paint?
Ceramic vase before makeover

 After giving the vase several coats of the multi-surface spray paint  and letting it dry completely. I used the stencil mug idea in a project that I had done For Country Living magazine years ago and adapted it for the vase.
  I cut a stencil out and laid it over the painted vase. I did it on regular paper instead of shelf paper because I was afraid the stickiness would pull the spray paint off.
Pouncing a brush on a stencil
I then held it in place as I used a stencil pouncer and added glass paint. I had to do a few coats. After the stencled paintl dried, I painted a cute, little, scallopy edge around the top of the vase with a paint brush
Super-Cute Ceramic Vase Makeover with glass paint and a paint brush
And then added a few cute dots.
Adding dots to a vase makeover with a paint brush
 I flipped it over and did some X’s on the  bottom to make a bit of  a diamond or cross hatched pattern. I like the look it added.
Adding x makrs to a Super-Cute Ceramic Vase Makeover
 After it cured, I coated it with the perm-enamel sealer so it would be water-proof. I am still going to wait a few days though until it cures completely.
Painting a bird vase for spring in a ceramic vase upcycle
 I am so happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to add some flowers. While the paint will take some water, it can’t be submerged.
Top of a painted upcycled ceramic vase
I love the little dots at the top.
Upcyled vase with a bird
And can you tell I love that spray paint color? If you love vase upcycles, check out this post on how to make a vase look like plaster
Upclose of stenciled vase with a bird in blue and white
 It was so easy too!
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  1. That color is amazing and your vase is lovely! I love the little stencil:). So glad you made it out of the storms OK…so scary!!

    Have a great day!


  2. Very cute transformation of a $2.00 Good Will vase Jen! Will look great with white daisies in it!

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