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How to make a wood grain stamp with hot glue….

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? I am totally done with the snow though!

I wanted to share a really fun project with you that could have so many possibles! It’s a how to make a wood grain stamp from hot glue and a wood block.

I also made a smaller heart stamp just in time for Valentine’s day!

How to make a wood grain stamp with hot glue

I was able to print cards, towels and even pillows with it! And it’s really easy.

How to make a hot glue gun faux bois stamp 1First take a wood block and draw out your wood pattern with a pencil. This will give you lines to trace with your hot glue.

How to make a  hot glue gun faux bois stamp 2Once you have a  pattern you like, trace the line with the hot glue gun being very careful not to burn yourself!

It helps to set the wood block on a flat surface so you don’t have to touch it at all while you are using the hot glue.

How to make a wood grain stamp with a hot glue gun.. so easy!Once your hot glue is cool, use a foam brush to pounce the paint on.

HOw to rpint with your faux bois stamp on paperYour lines won’t all be the same height so it works better to put your paper, or what ever you are printing on on the stamp instead of stamping with it like a traditional stamp.

how to make a heart stampI also cut out a small heart from some foam and glued it on a wood block as well.

Making a heart stamp for valentine's dayIt made some cute cards, but you know me, go BIG or go HOME, so I took a big wood craft slab and got my faux bois on!

Make a faux bois stamp with hot glue and a wood block!!!!!This is  a 8 x 11 inch slab. I used the same technique as the smaller wood piece.

How to ink a hot glue stampI dabbed my paint on, but this time I used textile medium so it was washable. You can also use fabric paint, or regular paint with textile medium.

How to print on a tea toweland laid the tea towel over the stamp and rubbed it so the paint transferred.

how to make your own prints on tea towels with textile mediumI overlaid the edges as well.

Make an easy valentine's heart stmapAnd once I had my entire towel done, I added the heart stamps.

HOw to make a faux bois stamped tea towelIt turned out so cute!!!

Heart and faux bois stampsThen I just had to make some pillows.

A heart and faux bois stamped pillowI used the same technique, I just moved where I stamped the hearts at.

Hearts stamped on a faux bois pillowThey ended up really cute! It was also fun to see how it turned out! I might have to do a lamp shade next. I really think that faux wood grain is going to be hot this year so it’s the perfect time to start making stamps!

Have a great weekend!

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