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Mixed media acrylic painting

I wanted to share  a picture with you that I’ve been painting for  a while now. I started it over the summer and have been slowly adding touches to it as it evolves.

DecorArt mixed media was kind enough to send me an entire box of art supplies, so I wanted to share with you the process while I used them while I worked on this mixed media acrylic painting. I don’t get to paint as much as I would like to. I really love to paint a lot. I primarily use either acrylic or gouache paint. I’ve never developed a taste for watercolor, but Ms. Craftberry Bush herself  is amazing at it! I’m in awe of her talent!

For this picture I used acrylic and the DecorArt Mixed Media products. Some of the pictures are taken with my phone since the picture has been done over time, so please excuse the quality.

decor art mixed media paints

I had in my head a woman’s portrait, so first I started sketching and you can see where I had her eye at one time and then I decided to move her father down the canvas.

Sketched out painting

At one point I had butterflies in her hair and then decided to change them later.

I am obviously not a very neat, or organized artist.

started painting

After filling in the canvas, I painted her features first, I like that part the best.

painted detail on an eye

I love painting eyes. I hate painting teeth. So no teeth for her.:)

For her hair,I added some modeling paste into my paint to give it texture and the flowers.

After that, I started working on the detail around her like her clothing and accessories.

portrait of lily

Here’s where those butterflies became flowers.

detail on a painted necklace

I put her in grey so the jewelry would pop. I also used DecoArt’s Textured Sand Paste  to give some dimension to the jewelry.

painted lip detail

And I applied some shiny varnish to the lips after it was sealed to add some “gloss” to them.

She looks a bit “Downton Abbey” to me.

partially finished portrait

I still feel like I want to add more to her, maybe something around her head, but I am not sure yet. I think I will sit on it a bit and see where she leads me to go. Sometimes I find when I’m stuck like that to put it aside and then pick it up at a later date.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my process with you and this picture as it evolves!

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p.s. I did receive the paint for free to try, but opinions are all my own.

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  1. A girl after my own heart…my favorite kind of art to create is mixed-media, too. She’s very nice and I love her eyes…the jewelry does pop off the grey. Good job!

  2. That was beautiful, you are so talented, I’m scared to put the paint to the canvas, but the Unfolding of You is getting me closer to doing it. Thanks for telling me about it way back before Christmas.

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