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Round chalkboard DIY

Hello friends! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I’m thrilled to be here with you this month! A round chalkboard DIY!
I’ve been using chalkboard paint in my décor and crafts for years now and I recently whipped up a really easy and unique round chalkboard to share with you all.

Supplies: round board (I used this one), scrabble tile holder (search online or at thrift stores), chalkboard paint, brush, sandpaper, stain, rag, pencil, level, ruler, wood glue, painter’s tape, hook, screwdriver
Start by painting and seasoning your round piece of wood according to the manufacture’s directions.  While the paint is drying, lightly sand and stain the scrabble tile holder. (Sand the entire piece, but do not stain the back of it as that is the part that will get glued down.)
Using a level and ruler determine where you want to position the tile holder, (I centered mine towards the bottom) and mark with a pencil. Sand the board where you are going to glue the holder. (This is important so that the glue will have something to hold on to.)
Next, add a bead of glue to the tile holder and position it on the wood round. Secure with painter’s tape until dry.
If you’d like to hang the chalkboard up, simply add a hook to the back.
And, that’s it! I love the options you have with this chalkboard! I immediately am thinking that it would be perfect for a menu board in the kitchen. I have one child that constantly wants the entire weeks menu and this would help out so much. (He’s super picky and I think is planning out how horrible his week of dinners will be!)
Have a wonderful month!


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