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Make a round wood mirror DIY from a platter

The biggest danger of walking in the front doors of Target is what I call the “Target effect”. That’s how I ended up making this round wood mirror DIY. The “Target effect” is you leave after having spent 2 hours, at least $100, and you have no idea where the time went or what you spent your money on. In some of my money spending,aimless wandering, I found these really cool, larger round wood platters that I thought would make awesome mirrors. It also involves going to my other favorite wandering place, Michaels. Imagine that.

Tuen wood trays into high end mirrors

The best part is, these mirrors look really high end, but the supplies cost less than $30 each to make! I started searching them on-line, and many of them go for more than $200!

Boho round wood mirror DIY

All you need is heavy duty hangers for the back, the platters, mirrors and a heavy duty,all-surface glue.

craft store mirrors and platters

First attach the hangers. The type is going to depend on where you are going to hang them and how heavy your platters are. I would always go for weight load than you need, you don’t want it falling off the wall.

Add a hanger before glung your mirror

 Measure the inside diameter of your platter. Mine were able to fit a 14″ inch mirror round. Michaels had 10″,12″ and 14″ mirrors. These are actually for centerpieces and table settings. Pull any foam backs and make sure the backs are clean for better glue adhesion, and properly prep your surface. If your surface is oiled,or had a coating on it, you might need to do a light sanding. If you need a bigger size, you can always check with a local glass and mirror shop in your area.

Add glue to the back of your mirror and the inside of the platter

I used Elmer’s pro-bond, but you can use any multi-surface glue you like, just make sure it will permanently bond the two surfaces.

Follow the directions for proper cure/bonding time and use.

Once it’s fully cured, the round wood mirror DIY is ready to hang!

Round wood mirror DIY

I love how it looks!

Round wood mirror DIY with platter

I pulled together a little vignette to show it off.

Platters into round wood mirrors

These are actually going to be going in our bedroom for a makeover. Its time to repaint, it’s been over 6 years. I’ve been ready for something much lighter in that room for a very long time.

I thought the wood would add a nice, organic touch behind the nightstands.

High end round wood mirror for under $30

Candle and succulent

I styled the mirror with a vintage book, a lamp from Target I bought about 6 months ago, and a  little faux succulent from Homegoods I’ve had forever.  It’s bad to live 5 minutes from Target. It’s way too easy to pop in there!

Round wood mirror DIY

My new candle obsession I also found at Target. It’s Cardamom and Fig. It smells like an Anthro candle for about $8! They also have these awesome ones with a concrete base. I was going to get that, but I bought the smaller one first to make sure I really liked it before I spent the big money on a fancier one.

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Make a high end round wood mirror DIY with a wood platter


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