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Make cute containers for battery-operated candles with printables

We live in a town that is big on recycling. We are very lucky because they pretty much take everything, and I love to be able to recycle something instead of just throwing it out. It’s actually good thing because we  pay per bag of garbage, so it’s really encourages you to get serious about recycling, otherwise it gets expensive buying garbage stickers. While I was putting cans in the recycling bin the other day, I thought it might be cute to make something with them. I liked the idea of using recycled can candles to make cute containers for battery-operated candles. I would only use those, I think real candles would make the can too hot and be a burn hazard.

I used veggie cans which are the perfect size, and they fit the battery candles I already had ( This post may contain affiliate links)

Use empty cans to make candles

Be careful with the inside rim of the can when you work with it. I have one of those fancy can openers that separates the seal instead of cutting so there are no sharp edges on the inside,a regular can opener could leave jagged edge that you or someone else could cut themselves on. I think I bought it at a Pampered Chef party about 10 years ago, and it still works awesomely (that and my baking stone. I love my baking stone. I will be sad when it finally breaks:)

Then I made up some labels in my graphics program.  I thought these could either be cute gift for someone else, or something to enjoy yourself. They are all at the end of the post  so you can make your own! These would be a cute and inexpensive centerpiece as well.Who doesn’t have a ton of cans?

I printed mine out tw0 to a page at 8.5 inches across. I cut them out and I glued my printable label on the can with a glue stick. I inserted my battery-operated candle and it was done! So easy!

Great printable labels to turn soup cans into gift candles, to make cute containers for battery operated candles

Take your battery operated candle with to the store if you are going to specifically purchase cans to make sure they will fit.

 I love these Luminara
battery operated candles because they look so real!

Mine aren’t as great, and I want to invest in some of the more “real” looking ones!

Once your can is cleaned and dry, print your label and glue it to the can and insert your battery operated candle!

I printed mine on both plain paper and off-white parchment.

Cute containers for battery operated candles with valentines printables

I liked the off-white paper for some and the white paper for others.

cute cover for a battery operated candle on a soup can

great prinable labels

You can make a cute cover for your candle container if you’re giving it as a gift.

Just draw a circle around a slightly larger can out of craft paper and  cut it out, and crimp it around the top.

Trace around the base of the can to make paper cover

I stamped a pretty stamp on top of mine.

use a pretty stamp to make a paper cover

pretty upcycled metal can, cute way to make a gift  from a recycled vegetable can. Cute gift and craft!

Then I tied some twine to hold it on top with a geode slice I had for jewelry making.

upcycle a can to make pretty candle holder, great recycled craft idea!

Battery operated candle can cover

To save the graphics,just right mouse click and save to your computer. You will want to measure your cans circumference so you know what size to print out

 in your photo program. You want to make sure it wraps all the way around the can and you want to size it appropriately.

Vintage inspired valentine label printable

I will love the light quote printable

Edith Warton quote blue

mirror quote red gold printable

editah warton chalkboard

edith warton quote spring colors

Jane Austen home quote

I hope you enjoy this simple and easy recycled can candle project!

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  1. Oh, I love these are you are the most creative one! I bought some of the battery operated candles over Christmas but don’t have any batteries! 🙂 I’ll have to try this. Thank you for sharing.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. This is so cool! I have a couple of lanterns and I really don’t like the way the batter operated candles look. I’m going to start saving my cans! Thank you!

    Jane x

  3. This is such a fun clever idea. Thank you so much. I plan on using these as gifts but also lessons in my church.

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