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Decorated Battery Operated Candle with Vintage Sheet Music

I had a crafty embellished candle project  published  in Romantic Homes magazine and wanted to share the tutorial with you to make Decorated Battery Operated Candle with Vintage Sheet Music. Using vintage sheet music, lace and old broken earrings, these decorated candles make a cute centerpiece, or a way to add an extra bit of pretty decor, or even a Mother’s Day gift you can make a one of a kind decor item. The best part is that it uses battery operated candles so  they can be used year to year, and can be customized for your decor.
Vintage earrings and other embellishments glued on a candle

It was so exciting to see how this came about. It’s such an easy project too! If you don’t get the magazine, here are the steps and supplies you need to create this embellished and decorated candle project on a battery operated candle (not a real candle!): You’ll need a battery operated candle, vintage sheet music or scrapbook paper, old buttons, baubles or other kinds of decor, tacky glue, and stamps or a printer. For the main example picture, I ran my sheet music through my printer, but I’ve also used stamps as demonstrated below.

Decorated battery operated embellished candle project

Start by either stamping your image onto the paper, or printing on it with your printer. I love using the Graphics Fairy for my vintage images. Once your image is stamped or printed you are ready for the next step. I love using vintage sheet music for projects, like this one.

Supplies to decorate a battery operated candle

Trim your vintage sheet music so that when glued on, it has a little bit of an edge at the top and the bottom of the candle. You can go all of the way up to the top and bottom, but by leaving a little bit of room the trim can also adhere to the candle, not just the paper.

Glue vintage sheet music around candle

Once your sheet music is glued on, let dry completely. You may need to smooth out any bubbles that form under where the paper is glued. Make sure to over lap the paper on the back and glue to itself to help it stay on.

Glue ribbon around base of candle and sheet music

Once the glue is dry, the trim and lace pieces can be added on. Using super tacky glue helps keep the trim in place while it dries. Trim is one of those decor items that just makes everything look better like this lampshade.

Attach embellishments with tacky glue to adhere

Attach the embellishments to the candle in the same way. The candle may need to rest on it’s side while they dry depending on how heavy they are. It’s helpful to pick bits and pieces with a lot of surface to help them adhere.

embellished candle project with a battery operated candle, vintage graphics and sheet music

It was so exciting to see how this came about. It’s such an easy project too and so pretty. Here is a peek at the magazine spread. I hope you enjoyed this embellished candle project and will create one for yourself! If you like crafting with vintage sheet music or old book pages, see how to make this sweet mini-garland.

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