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Sheet Music Bulletin Board Makeover

I have a bulletin board I put all of my art and Etsy orders on.. I had just used some of the left over fabric from my drapery to cover the board with. At one time I really loved the fabric, but now it jsut felt really fussy to me. I really wanted something that had a romantic quality to it. I had some really cute old drapery pins to use as push pins, but they were kind of lost in the pattern and darkness of the fabric.

Fabric covered bulletin board

I saw this image from Cote De Texas and was instantly in love with the image of the giant vintage frame filled with antique sheet. music and I knew I had to make one for myself with my vintage sheet music on hand and double stick tape.  This picture of Helen Ballard Weeks office.. you know the Helen Ballard Weeks of Ballard designs…LOVE IT! Knowing a good thing when I see it .
Office with sheet music bulletin board
I was inspired to work magic with double stick tape. It stuck fairly well to the fabric, and the push pins go right through the paper easily.I/m glad I used my bulletin board to make a much smaller version and I love how it turned out! It’s so cute and I love that I can see all of my push pins. They really stand out and look so cute against the printed music.  I laid one a little on an angle for interest and I adore the little bit of quirkiness.
Sheet music bulletin board makeover from a frame


This was really easy to make and really inexpensive too!  You can see how I made a bigger version here with a old framed  picture I found on the side of the road!

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