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Branding beyond blogging using your creative gifts

I am so glad you are here today, because I have some really exciting news to share with you! If you are a seasoned blogger, or someone just getting their feet wet, or you feel like your inspiration, and revenue, is stuck and you have come to a halt, I am here to help you! Do you have lots of creative ideas, and not sure what to focus on?  Would you love to take your creativity further and turn it into a real business? Branding beyond blogging might just be for you.

When I started blogging almost 10 years ago, it was completely different than it is now. It was a hobby, and people got MAD when there were ads, on the sidebar!!!! What? Make money from your blog? So silly! Now everyone expects ads! At that time, were also about 25 lifestyle bloggers, and we all pretty much knew each other, it was that small! It has changed a lot since then, and a lot of people have come and gone.  I have been blessed that this little blog has taught me some big lessons and taken me on a bigger journey!

A few years ago, “branding” became the big buzz word. Everybody needed a brand. It wasn’t enough to just be your blog. It was all about the questions. Do I keep my current blog name, or go to a new one? Do I brand under my own name? What is my brand?

Branding beyond blogging. FInd out how to use your creative gifts to earn income off of your blog than just ad revenue.

It gets so over-used, because “brand” is really just the buzzword of the bigger picture of who you are, and what your dreams are.

Through this blog,I’ve been able to make a steady income, and bless my family, but, I will tell you a secret. Not all of my income comes from my ad revenue. It’s a great base to start off on,and I LOVE my ad network, but I have found ad revue  depends on traffic, the time of the year and other variables, and can be up or down depending on the month. That’s hard to budget on.

The question us, how does a blogger, or creative artist make money, other than relying on  straight blog revenue as their sole source on income? The answer is, it can be very hard to now, even with affiliate marketing, especially if you are banking only on traffic from other places. It’s all about using your other talents to diversify. Then, when your Pinterest stats take a nose-dive, or, Facebook tightens their algorithms up, you don’t feel that pinch quite so much, because you have bits of revenue coming from all kind of resources. It’s kind of like having a varied stock portfolio. When one market is up, and the other is down, you’re still hanging in there, doing ok.

I’ve been able to turn this almost 10-year passion into my full-time income. I am more than just a blog, and I am more than just a brand. I am a really creative person, chasing a dream for myself and for my family. I had to start somewhere, and since then,I’ve been in over 20 publications,  published a book (and am working on a second one), worked with major brands on large campaigns, have a stencil line, licensed art product, e-courses and classes, worked on TV, public speaking, and much, much more. I’m very proud of everything I have been able to accomplish, and the opportunities that have come to me, and I want to tell you, you can do it too!  I’ve decided to start offering creative consulting, because I can’t tell you  how many emails and messages I get on a daily basis asking for advice, on how someone can do what I’m doing. I’ve gone through my own ups and downs, and know exactly where you are.

You don’t need a fancy site, a 100,000 pageviews, and you certainly don’t need special tools. Did you know some of the most successful people in our business,don’t have huge blogs? So, don’t look at traffic, or worry if yours isn’t “enough”! Your blog should be just a tool you use that’s a part of your bigger business.

You just need you, and the gifts you already have.

 I am going to be talking about all of the different ways you can share you creative gifts over the next few weeks for the next few Friday’s,but, I wanted to let you know about something new I am offering!

I am now available to look at your brand, your site, and your personal talents, and  help you grow in new directions. I want to give you the creative juice you need to push ahead!  So, are you ready to write that book, design those pillows, license your art, or teach that class? Let’s do it with a one-on-one session!!

With Branding beyond blogging, we’ll look at the gifts you already have, and opportunities you might be missing. We’ll look at  how effective your social media is, and where you should concentrate your time and energy.  You can choose between half hour, or full-hour sessions. I am currently only scheduling 10 sessions to begin.

Email myself, or my assistant Sarah, at hellojenniferrizzo at comcast dot net for more information and pricing. Please put “Branding beyond blogging” in the subject line so she doesn’t look past you.

I can’t wait to hear from you!