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The Camp and Cabin Collection by Jennifer Rizzo Design Company

 Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the idea of vintage camps and camping. I love the old school camping idea of pitching a tent, or renting a rustic cabin for a week away. When we were kids, our grandparents would rent cabins in Wisconsin. We would head up in our station wagon to fish from my grandpa’s  little metal boat, and sleep in a cabin with a sloped floor. I loved those vacations,the forest and woodlands are just about my favorite place to be (even though I lost my two front teeth on one of those campground see-saw when I was about 6.). I I would love to own a cabin in the woods one day and be able to retreat there and make art all day. This year, our vacations is much closer to home this summer in that we are taking more of a stay-cation ourselves with a few possible day trips sprinkled here and there.

I was so inspired by those old memories, that I sat down to create a collection of designs based on it. I am  excited to announce my new collection on Society 6! It’s called the Camp and Cabin Collection! I pulled together a few mood boards of some of the items you can find the designs on, but there are more in the actual collection page.

Camp and Cabin Collection by Jennifer Rizzo

It’s about all of those things that bring back my childhood memories of those cabins in Wisconsin. The lake, warm days, starry nights with campfires, old cabins, pine trees, and the fun colors of the late 70’s, early 80’s. I have no clue what the cabin or lake area used to be called ( I need to ask my mom about that.). I decided to call my faux camp “Camp Pinetree”.

This design is a fun map of the camping area. I know sometimes my grandparents would bring us back little tchotchke gifts like beaded leather moccasins, or small brown glass mugs with wood handles to drink root beer out of.

Map of Camp PInetree

I remember the lake area was a little swampy with rocky beaches. My Grandpa always warned us about getting too close to the edge. That, and to watch for water moccasins. It made me afraid of ever single brown stick I saw.

On the Lake Design Jennifer Rizzo

I had so many memories of campfires and s’mores. The smell of the old cabin, and how bright the the stars were at night over the lake. Also, how in one of the cabins, the floor sloped so badly that a marble would zoom from one end to the other with rapid speed.

Summer camping bucket list design Jennifer Rizzo

Those stars were everything. I also remember the scent of the campfires as we could hear the grown ups talk after we went to bed through the screened windows, and how loud the crickets were.

Lets sleep under the stars designs by Jennifer Rizzo

It felt so private and so far away from everything. To this day, the crackle of tires over stones remind me of pulling in by a cabin.

Welcome to our little corner of the woods design by Jennifer Rizzo

An of course the cabin was really little, and felt super cozy. Looking back as an adult, it was probably really crowded. As a little kid, it seemed like a fun doll house.

Welcome to our cabin design Jennifer Rizzo

And of course it was the late 70’s into early 80’s. I remember the blankets and bedding being striped in fun colors, so I had to add them as a design element to the collection.

Vintage recreation stripes designs Jennifer Rizzo

And the collection was made in mind that most of the designs could be mixed and matched together.

Vintage Park Stripes design Jennifer Rizzo

They were some happy, easy days. I am sure it wasn’t as rosy as I can recall, but I am okay with that. Knowing my kids, I bet we complained a ton. Ha ha.

Happy camper Design Jennifer Rizzo

It was fun just reaching back into my childhood and recalling those days. I had so many images come up that it was hard to try to edit what I put into the collection. Maybe I’ll have to add more designs to the Camp and Cabin Collection as the summer goes on!

VIintage camping Designs by Jennifer Rizzo

I hope you love and have as much fun with this collection as I did, and that it brings back fond memories. Or, maybe you’re making those memories now with a cabin, lake house, camper or even at home.

I’m doing a big giveaway with this collection too so make sure to head over to Instagram to enter!

You can watch a video here of the collection:


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    Can you also start working on lake themed once? Lake House? Lake Cottage – not all ocean but sailboats and sunshine – my sister owns a home on the Great Lakes and I am always watching out for the best lake house gifts for her.

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