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Handmade Table from Scrap Lumber and Raw Wood Legs

When we recently created out little outdoor retreat area, I bought new chairs and a small outdoor, rattan settee (you can shop the links below.). The one thing I couldn’t find that was affordable was a “coffee table” that could stay outside and would be sturdy. I dug though our garage and found some scrap lumber, and I had a bundle of firewood from the grocery store. I thought together that those pieces might make fun, funky, rustic table legs. I figured, they were all free and if I messed it up, I could just reuse the pieces. In a few hours we made a handmade table from scrap lumber and the split wood that was cool looking, and solid.

Split firewood for table legs

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Table built with scrap lumber and split cord wood

As you can see this probably isn’t “textbook” construction. We used what we had on hand to put it together. The table top pieces aren’t even the same size, but I think that adds to the charm and the rustic nature. We basically started by building a box, and then screwing everything together.

Using split firewood for table legs

Some of the firewood pieces did have to be trimmed with a saw on the bottom to make it level. Once it was even, we added the legs last with really long screws.

Adding plants in vases for added decor to an outdoor space

After it was built, I sealed it with the same sealer we used on the new platform deck area.

Rustic DIY table with raw wood table legs

It has a great rustic look, and really fits into the woodsy feel of the back area that we are trying to create.  I love how each of the legs are just a little bit different, and the natural look of the wood really shines. Since it was made from scrap lumber I’m not too concerned with weathering or damage.

Scrap wood table with raw wood legs

We needed one more side table, so I pulled together a couple of cinder blocks and an old, large marble floor tile I had hanging around. It was a large piece of floor tile from the home improvement store. They are really affordable and versatile. I have one in my kitchen I use on my wood countertops for hot dishes.

Table made from cinder blocks

I also had a few extra pieces of the firewood left, and in the picture you can see a tiny table I made for fun on the right side. I used a round, marble tray as a top. It probably won’t make it very long, but it was fun to try to build.

DIY outdoor rustic tables

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  1. Wow – that is all very clever! Free and re-using is good good good!

    Only thing I’d change out of any of it is I would use cement paint and make your cinder blocks a little more finished.

    I love your outdoor seating area. it’s so tranquil!

    1. Thank you Michele! I love the idea of painting them with cement paint! Thank you for the suggestion!

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