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How to Paint an Abstract Landscape Painting with Tape

Creating your own art is so easy once you learn how to paint an abstract landscape painting with tape!

This post is sponsored by Flat Top Hills and intended for readers over 21 years of age. Opinions are entirely my own, and as always, drink responsibly.

One thing I love about summer is being able to grab my paint bag and supplies, and head outside. The area next to my brick patio is one of my favorite places. It’s shaded almost all day, and that area of the yard has grown in so well, it feels like a little retreat area. This time,I actually had an entire day to hang out at home, and  I decided to grab a glass of Flat Top Hills Wine Red Blend to enjoy while I painted. I love painting abstracts ,and wanted to create an abstract with a landscape feel, and I have the DIY to share with you! It’s so easy for anyone to create this abstract by using drafting/artists tape!

DIY easy abstract landscape painting


The supplies you’ll need to paint your abstract landscape are: a pre-primed canvas, 4 acrylic paint colors of choice( I used dark green, medium green, yellow ochre and deep blue), thin artists or drafting tape, a 2″ angle brush and water.

Supplies to paint a DIY landscape

Start your painting by taping from a low point to a higher point across the canvas with the thin tape in a wiggly line. The more uneven the better. This will make your landscape feel more like a landscape.

Tape an uneven line with thin tape to create an abstract landscape

After your tape it on, press it down firmly to the canvas to help prevent the paint from bleeding under and creating splotches.

Use drafting or thin artists tape to create a landscape

Once your first line is taped, you are ready to paint your base dark green color.

Paint a dark green base color on your canvas to create an abstract landscape

The thing I like about painting abstracts is there are no rules about tools. I am using a 2″ angle painter’s brush for this. It’s the same kind you use to cut in when painting a wall. It also makes it faster when painting a large canvas.

Once the base color is painted, add the next layer of paint to your abstract landscape painting

The nice thing about acrylic paint is that it dries pretty quickly. Once it’s dry, add a second layer of tape, making the edge start higher on the opposite side. This will give the illusion of hills (It started to remind me of Dunnigan Hills where Flat Top Hills vineyard is located at.). With your second color, you can clean your brush between or use a dirty brush like I do. I kind of like the first color mixing a little with the second color. Use the edge of the brush to cut in close to the first line, but don’t cover it. A little bit of white canvas peeking through gives the abstract a more organic feel.

Cut in next to your first layer of paint when painting an abstract

Once you’ve painted the second paint layer, tape out the third using the same technique.

Add a third tape layer for a DIY abstract landscape

You can see they are starting to look like gentle sloping hills. You can swap out almost any paint colors with this technique, which makes it really flexible. You could skip the whole abstract landscape thing and just make it a plain abstract painting.

Paint the third layer of your DIY abstract art landscape painting

After adding the next layer, it’s a good time to take a step back and admire your work. You can also decide if anything needs to be touched up on your abstract landscape, or if you want to change any of the colors.

Paint a DIY abstract art landscape canvas

After I painted mine, I went back and added a lighter yellow color to my third layer for more contrast. You’ll see that on the final canvas. At this point, you could stop here and also leave it white at the top as well.

Paint final blue color on the abstract canvas

I added a deep turquoise blue, and then ended up going back and adding a little white to the paint to lighten it.

Create a DIY abstract landscape with tape

I love how free form it looks; it was so simple to paint! I still might go back and lighten the blue a little bit more. I haven’t decided yet. That’s the best part of acrylic, it’s so easy to paint over and change something if you don’t like it.

paint and sip a DIY abstact landscape painting

Painting this DIY abstract landscape painting was a #Flattopmoment for me. It was so nice to get outside in the warm weather with nowhere to go, enjoy a glass of wine, and just create and paint and take a little time out for me. It was such a great mini-backyard afternoon vacation.

To tell you a little about Flat Top Hills wine, if you missed this post,  it’s the perfect wine to elevate everyday moments, like the date night hubby and I had, or just getting outside for a bit to paint and create.

Flat Top Hills Red Blend is a nice full bodied wine with cinnamon stick and spice components. It has dark fruit and raspberry notes. I really enjoyed the mellow, underlying berry flavors. It pairs well with portabella mushroom burgers, grilled salmon, BBQ pork, and painting!

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How to paint an easy abstract landscape painting with tape


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