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Three fun S’more Recipe Ideas

Summer is here, and it’s time for fun, outdoor activities! We love being outside for the warm evenings, and enjoying time together around our fire pit. Of course, we love roasting marshmallows, and making S’mores, and I can proudly fit about 5 of them in my mouth at the same time…add some chocolate and graham crackers, and it’s party. Because it’s fun to mix it up a bit, I have three fun S’more recipe ideas for you to try! There are so many endless possibilities, you can make any combination of flavors, and it’s fun to be creative and experiment!

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three fun s'more recipe ideas

We used the HomeRight Electro Light Fire Starter to start our suburban campfire.

Using the ElectroLight Fire Starter for fire starting

It made it super easy to start our fire without matches!

Roasting a marshmallow

Now, there is some discussion around the Rizzo house about the proper way to toast a marshmallow. While I feel like the perfect marshmallow is warm and gooey on the inside, and toasty and medium brown on the outside, someone who I am married to likes to roast it until the fire department shows up as shown by the above example. No judgement though if you like yours a little on the crispier side.

Once you roast your marshmallow how you like it, here are 3 ways you can bump your S’mores game up a bit before you add your warm,gooey, goodness. You could also make your own marshmallows here.

Nutella Sm'ore base

1. Spread Nutella on your graham cracker instead of using regular milk chocolate bars.

The ultimate birthday cake S'more

2. Add some fun by spreading sprinkle ready-made frosting on before your piece of milk chocolate, to make the ultimate chocolate birthday cake S’more.

Peanut butter cup S'more

3. Finally,use a peanut butter cup instead of plain milk chocolate.

Do you have any twists on a S’more to share? Let us know below!  I hope you loved these three fun S’more recipe ideas!



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