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The Comparison Trap group study

Remember when I wrote this post a month or two ago and then this post? I still feel like those words ring true in my heart. I don’t talk a ton about my faith here, but I am excited to announce I am going to be leading the group study of (affiliate link) Comparison Trap:a 28 day devotional for women with a few other awesome ladies. As many of you know, I led a bible study group in my church for a few years, and recently took a break.  I felt like this topics is so important, that when Beth asked me to join in, I knew I couldn’t day no. It’ so easy to get in the comparison trap on Facebook, Instagram,or read blogs, and feel like you are just not good enough, or somehow don’t measure up, and that your stuff isn’t as good as what’s going on in someone else’s life. It all looks so shiny and bright though the social media lens.I fall into that snare all of the time, when I look at what other people are doing on social media and feel like I am falling behind them, or they some how have it better.

The Comparison Trap 28 day devotional for women study group

 Beth, Yvonne, and Vanessa  and I would love to have you join us for this month long study. We have a Facebook group and will also be doing live chats. You are welcome to join us no matter where you are. This book will meet you right there. There are no perfect people here, and we are all for just showing up, ripped jeans and all.

You can buy the book,Comparison Trap, on Amazon, and here’s the extra info for you:

Introduction: Sunday, April 30th
Week One: Sunday, May 7
Week Two: Sunday, May 14
Week Three: Sunday, May 21
Week Four: Sunday, May 28

Live discussion will start at 8 pm CST each week.

Buy the Comparison Trap book on Amazon.
Download the free app in the App store or Google play.
Watch the 20 minute sermon videos before each week’s event.
Join us here on the dates above for a fun, interactive live discussion with bloggers and blog readers.
Fill out your devotional as you follow along for 28 days.

I hope to join you in the study!




  1. I just found out about this through bHome! Looking forward to it. Should have my book by Monday!☺️

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