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Upcycling Old Wallpaper Scraps into Butterflies

If you like an easy and cute project made with wallpaper or scrapbook paper that just screams spring, this is the project for you! I recently came across some really cute vintage Laura Ashley wallpaper in the thrift store and knew I wanted to make some cute paper project with it. I wanted to make something to brighten up the inside of my pots with my plants. I thought upcycling old wallpaper scraps into butterflies was a cute way to bring in spring and use some of the extra vintage wallpaper scraps I had from other projects on hand!

Cute paper butterlies in a plant

To create these cute paper butterfly embellishments for your plants, you’ll need a few supplies: long, dowel rods, white craft glue, scraps of all wallpaper (or also scrap of paper will work). There’s also a template provided below of the butterfly cut outs for your own personal use.

Cut around template to cut out a butterfly

To create the butterfly wings, start by folding your wallpaper in half, and then place your template cut out over the top of the folded paper, this will allow you to cut out both sides of the wing at the same time to make a complete butterfly. Cut along the edges of the template and this will create the base layer of the butterfly wings. Repeat for a second matching wing.

Apply glue to dowel rod in butterfly center

Once both matching sides are cut out, glue the dowel rod to the center of the wallpaper butterfly , and glue the other side over the top. Let dry.

Apply glue to back of wallpaper
Glue two halves of butterfly together

Pick the next size butterfly wing down and cut that out in the same manner ad the other wing, and glue onto the first two wings in the center. Give the wings a fold in the opposite direction if it seems like they aren’t bending the right way.

Add smaller butterfly on top

Repeat and cut out the third set of wings and glue on top as well. This will give you the stacked butterfly wing layered effect. I used different patterned paper, but you can use the same. Let dry completely and add to your favorite planters!

Add third butterfly layer by cutting out and gluing on top

I think these are so cute and an entire collection of them would be amazing!

wallpaper butterflies made with paper and dowel rods

It was really fun to mix and match wallpaper patterns.

vintage wallpaper butterflies

These are so fast and easy to make and such a cute embellishment! You could also use scrapbook paper to make cake decorations as well with a food grade bamboo skewer to keep the paper from touching the cake.

Vintage wallpaper butterflies on dowel rods
Butterfly  wing template