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Using mason jars in every day decor

Hello…I’m Ann from the blog On Sutton Place and I’m so happy to be here visiting you all today. I have been a long-time reader of Jennifer Rizzo and to be here now, as a guest, is such an honor. A huge thank you to Jen for having me!

So today we’re talking mason jars. In my opinion they are all wonderful, but the vintage ones are my favorites. I remember the first time I saw vintage blue mason jars lined up on a shelf in someone’s kitchen. It was in a magazine but I don’t remember which one. From that moment, I was smitten. I hopped on eBay and found a “lot” of jars for hardly any money. In fact I think the shipping was more than the cost of the jars. There were 9 or 10 jars in the box…all wrapped up in newspaper. As I unwrapped each one, it was like Christmas. I have used them in my decor since the day they arrived on my door step. I’ve added a few more along the way but that original group of jars is still the heart of my collection.

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceThe small space above the blue cabinets in my kitchen is the perfect spot for a row of mason jars. It’s not very high so most things don’t fit. If you have a small space that needs a little charm, mason jars are the budget-friendly answer.

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceOf course, in my opinion, mason jars make the perfect vase. Anything looks better in a mason jar! I use them for flowers, greenery and herbs, all through the year.

Spring tulips in vintage blue mason jars | Coffee table styling from onsuttonplace.comCollect them in different sizes and then group them together.

Pretty yellow tulips in vintage blue mason jars

One mason jar is fabulous but a grouping is totally amazing.

Peonies in Vintage Blue Mason Jar | The Entry | On Sutton PlaceCrafters everywhere use mason jars for all sorts of things. After a recent family vacation, I made a Ball Jar Beach Vacation Memento to remind me of the great time we had in Florida. It sits on a shelf in my living room and it really does bring a smile to my face when I see it. A lovely memory for sure.

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceWhen I shared How To Update a Bathroom, I used a small mason jar to store Q-tips. If you use the lid, they stay clean and are protected from the flying hairspray. Using these jars for storage is a no-brainer. Fun and function rolled into one pretty package.

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceThis tiered stand moves around my house. It sometimes lands in the entry and it fills the corner nicely. I add seasonal touches but most of the time this stand holds my rag balls, vintage spools, mason jars and a vintage pitcher or two.

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceMy whole philosophy when it comes to decorating a home is that it should be filled with things you love. I don’t pay attention to trends or what’s in the latest catalog. If you don’t completely adore it, it shouldn’t be in your home. I like to mix styles and it doesn’t bother me if they clash a little. I mix my vintage/farmhouse accessories with my traditional furniture. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me. That is the whole idea of making a house…a home. Or as Jen would say, “making your home your own.”

Decorating with Mason Jars | On Sutton PlaceSo…what do you think? Are you a mason jar lover too?

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