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How to Make a Vintage-Inspired Striped Painted Fleece Blanket

I love the look of vintage blankets! I find ones that are in good shape that don’t have an odor can be hard to come by, and since they are mostly wool, I find to be a little itchy.  I decided to see if I could replicate one  and make a vintage-inspired striped painted fleece blanket that was softer in the colors I liked.

DIY painted fleece blanket


This project could be easily modifiable to add a monogram, or special designs to match a room, or something with meaning to give as a gift. Fleece comes in all kinds of colors and even what I call “fuzziness”. The biggest thing for this project is to pick a low “fuzz” fleece so the tape doesn’t make it pill.

For supplies, you’ll need:

Fabric Paint

Fleece blanket cut to size , with the corners rounded off

Low tack painter’s tape

Tape stripes on fleece for a vintage isnpired park blanket

Tape stripes on one end of the blanket with low tack painter’s tape. Measuring them out helps keep it straight. I also like to put down three lines of tape right next to each other, and then remove the middle piece to keep an even line and distance.Then I move that one up, and put down another line. It’s kind of like tape hopscotch and really helps to keep everything straight when marking out lines.

Use a bruch to lightly paint on stripes with fabric paint

Use a soft brush to paint stripes on with fabric paint,brushing lightly. Acrylic paint will end up being crunchy, so if you use that make sure to use a textile medium to soften it. It should have a mottled look, and not be solid. You can add multiple layers of paint to darken the look.

Once stripes are painted on fleece, remove tape and let dry

Once stripes are painted, remove tape and let dry. I added some stitching in a coordinating yarn with a whip stitch around the edge to finish it off using an embroidery needle.  Follow the care and washing instructions of the fabric paint before using, and then enjoy being warm and snugly all winter under your painted fleece blanket!

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  1. This is a genius idea! So glad you thought of it! Definitely doing this! Thanks again!

  2. I LOVE this…did a Camp Cowboy themed bedrm for our grandson and wanted a camp style blanket but hate wool & the price of Pendelton’s. Plus we live in south Florida. Where did you get a fleece blanket?

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