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How to Paint an Artist’s Palette-Inspired Floral Lampshade

I LOVE all of the floral and watercolor decor inspiration I have been seeing around the net. I am going gaga over it and wanted something bright and cheerful for my living room to bring in a bit of Spring.I have a great technique for you today! I am going to show you how to paint an artist’s palette-inspired floral lampshade for a really pretty, room accent inspired by impressionistic and watercolor trends!

How to paint an artist's palette-inspired lamp shade

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Start painting the artist inspired lampshade with a plain white lamp shade and paint colors of choice. I just went through the aisle of the craft store and picked out about  colors that caught my eye that I knew would match in my home. You can find this paint set of acrylic colors here.

I bought a plain white lampshade from Target and picked 3 of the colors for a base color for painting my lampshade.

Paint a lampshade with acrylic paint

For this how to paint an artist’s palette inspired floral lampshade tutorial,use a wet paper towel to completely get the outside  lightly damp; the paint will seep and seem more watercolory.

Handpaint a lampsahde

Then I used a wet paper towel to rub the paint in and once I had it the way I wanted, I waited until it dried and then dry-brushed white craft paint over the top.

Paint a watercolor lmap shade

You could even stop here if you wanted something that had a water color look, or crack out the paints and go full floral like I did.

To add in the artist pallette look. Start by using a large, flat brush to pounce paint on in a random pattern. If you love painting in an abstract manner like this, try this DIY abstract painting tutorial.

When hand painting an artist inspired floral lampshade use acrylic paint

When painting your lampshade, start to layer your colors to get a floral effect.

Make a handpainted artist's floral lampshade

I ended up using 9 colors plus white, and just worked my way around the shade, filling in where it looked like I needed some color.

How to paint a DIY floral lmap shade with acrylic paint

For any areas that looked too colorful, I went back and added either white or some of the base color.

How to paint an artist inspired floral lampshade

With painting an artist palette-inspired floral lampshade, some spots I ended up with a flowers by making circles of color, or playing with the brush strokes and putting some yellow or white in the middle!

How to use acrylic paint in how to paint an artist palette inspired floral lampshade

You could do this came technique on a pillow cover or canvas for a pretty touch of spring color. Another paint project you might like is this abstract spackle texture painting canvas art.

Hand painted watercolor lamp shade

I think this artist-inspired hand-painted floral lampshade has an Anthro, high-end feel to it as well. I love how it pairs with the glass lamp.

How you handpaint a floral watercolor-inspired lamp shade

I love how a hand-painted lampshade brings color to the space!

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  1. Fantastic! Your painting has a nice balance of color.
    I think a photo to make fabric from the lamp shade’s painting would be wonderful.

  2. I like the way there are swatches of color and then an impressionistic flower that the eye can focused upon. That gives it depth. Very nice, Jen.

  3. Thank you! You just gave me the guts to try this myself. I just hope I pick the right colors!

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