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DIY Hand Painted Vase with a Southwest Cactus Scene

A DIY hand painted vase is a great way to make custom decor! This is also a great Ikea hack!

Supplies for a DIY hand painted vase

I always seem to get into trouble in IKEA. Not just because I get lost from room to room (… and can’t figure out how to get to the out of the store without going through lighting. Every. Single. Time.), but because I always seem to find the best things to use as a raw material, and over-spend.

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Recently, I found a really great, white vase when I thought I had almost escaped. It had a fabulous shape, and it had the perfect surface to paint on! I used my DecoArt multi-surface paint (not a sponsored post) to give it a Southwestern feel. I found a few, fun, white vases on Amazon, if you can’t make it to IKEA. I loved these too.

Use painter's tape to paint straight lines on this Ikea hack.

First, I taped off where I wanted to paint lines with Shrimp mixed with white in the multi-surface paint. I immediately removed the tape, cleaned up any paint that might have bled under the tape, and let it dry. Then, I painted some gold paint where the lines met.

How to paint cactus

I decided to paint a cactus scene. I’m sharing my sketch with you, in case you need some inspiration too.

How to paint cactus

I painted the cactus on first, working my way around the vase. It helped to have it on top of a container, so I could turn it as I went along.

Painting cactus and a DIY Ikea hack vase

Then, I flipped it over, and painted the top.

Paint lines on a DIY vase, Great Ikea hack and fun custom project.

I made little dots and dashes with the multi-surface paint in Black Tie. I let it dry a full 24 hours.

Hand painted boho vase with multi-surface paint

In the end,instead of using it as a vase. I actually ended up using it as a planter.

Southwest boho inspired vignette

I liked that it gave nice height to my plant, coming in the front door.

Styled cactus in concrete planters

I styled it with some faux cactus from the shop.

Front door vignette with abstract art,boho vase,and cactus

Fun,modern vignette with cactus, art from Minted, and a boho pink and gold vase.

Even though IKEA can make me crazy, it does have some really great stuff as base materials. I think that’s why so many people love to hack what they have. They take something really ordinary, and turn it into something pretty cool. Have you ever done an IKEA hack?

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