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White Painted Brick Fireplace Makeover

I worked with a really awesome couple who had an older home and wanted to make it feel a little more modern farmhouse.  While they loved their fireplace, they did not like their red brick and were interested in a white painted brick fireplace makeover to lighten and brighten it.

Fireplace and drywall before adding built ins

I have to say I agreed. I absolutely loved the more modern feeling of the brick layout on the fireplace, but that red color was  a little too red. We went back and forth about whether to just white wash it, or to doing a solid white color. There were cabinets going on each side for storage, so we also needed to plan for that to look cohesive as well.

Fireplace brick before painting

We finally settled on doing a cross between a white wash and solid paint, but not right over the red brick. We didn’t want to see any of the rusty color at all, so we decided to have the painters add a dark gray over the red brick first to prevent any bleed though, and then paint the white over that so a little of the gray peeked out so it wasn’t so starkly white.

By putting a base color on your red brick fireplace before painting over it will help seal  and keep the brick color from bleeding through white or light paint.

Fireplace painted white with built in cabinets on each side

Once the fireplace was added, the built ins were added the the wood tops of the cabinets were stained the same color as the fireplace mantel to make it cohesive. We had talked about floating shelves on each side, but there was a TV going on one side and with the small window on the other, it made it too tight and unbalanced.

White painted brick fireplace with wood mantel


Some shiplap was added to the wall  behind the cabinets, and really pulls the fireplace together. With the painted white brick fireplace makeover and the cabinets, the room is so open and cozy at the same time. It has a fun and welcoming modern farmhouse style. The contrast of the wood really gives it a nice contrast and ties the leather furniture in together too.

White painted brick fireplace

I gave the room a quick style from what they had in the house and it looks so cute! They have a bunch of littles so we left the coffee table clear for now. I love how this painted brick fireplace transformation really changed their space!

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