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Plants That Add Winter Interest in the Yard

Just because it’s cold and snowy out, it doesn’t mean that your garden can’t be filled with plants that add winter interest in the yard. There are so many different ways to add color to your landscaping , and keep everything from looking so flat and gray when it’s a little drab outside.
Mini crab apples on a tree in winter


 Crab apples are a first great choice.They come in many growth sizes, and  if you don’t love the look of larger crap apples in your landscaping, there are versions with berry-sized cab apples that not only give a nice pop of red all winter but also feed the wild life. Royal Raindrops and Prairie Fire are two varieties that also have beautiful red and purple foliage and blaze with color in the fall.

decorative grass heads in winter
Decorative grasses are another plant that has interest all year round. In the spring and summer, they grow tall or interesting plumes, change color in the fall, and then in the winter, dry out to a pretty wheat color that also adds interest. Zebra grass is hardy in colder zones. And  some varieties can also be harvested for interior decorating and vase filler.
Fall table setting with natural DIY decor
Dogwoods such as the Red Twig Dogwood have a pretty white flower in the summer, and their bark becomes a bright red in the winter, popping against the snow.
Red twig dogwood against the snow
Hydrangeas dry to a beauttiful golden color and when left on the bush all winter, add some texture against the surrounding area.
Golden Dried hydrangeas
Pine trees are always a favorite with their pine cones which can also be collected for crafting, and branches snipped for Christmas decor.
Pine cones for crafting on a pine tree


Try an Alaskan Cedar for visual interest and a weeping habit in the winter and is one of those trees that are plants that add winter interest in the yard.
Alaskan cedar


Day lilies are another plant that with the seed pods left standing look interesting and unusual and can be gathered for winter arrangements.
Dried daylily seed pods


A Contorted Filbert has branches that are quirky with interesting twists and turns against the snow. If you like making winter arrangements, check out this pot on what to plant for a winter cutting garden.

Contorted Filbert tree

Seed heads such as these from the cone flower left standing instead of cut down, also are interesting and leave seeds for the native animals and birds.

Cone flower seed heads

And  plant old fashioned roses and leave your rose hips on the branches for more winter interest. Many times by the end of winter the birds have gotten to them first, but they are pretty while they are there.

Rose hips in winter from old fashioned roses
Sedums also are interesting to look at against the snow. Their heads last all winter and can be used in dried arrangements as well.
Winter sedum seed heads
I hope this inspired you to plant a few plants t that add winter interest in the yard. They can make your yard look great every season of the year!

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