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A Sanded and Waxed Vintage Wood Arched Mirror

I love waxing and sanding wood. It ends up really honoring the natural wood color and grain. Not only that, but it can take something that is an ugly ducking with a gross wood color and turn it into a swan. I recently had a great mirror find at the thrift store, and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Have you had any thrift store finds that were too good to leave behind? For $6.99 I couldn’t pass it up!  The color made it feel dated, so I  made it a sanded and waxed vintage wood arched mirror.

Vintage wood frame on arch mirror

I had sanded a coffee table  and  recently this two tone cerused table.  It’s such a great anti-paint technique. After years of the painted furniture trend, it really feels so fresh. I started prepping the piece by completely sanding off all of the original finish.

Sanding a wood mirror

After the mirror was sanded, I used a lightly damp cloth to remove the dust. a tack cloth would also work well.

cleaning sanded wood frame with a tack cloth

Once it was completely sanded, I used a brush and white wax to work it into the wood frame.

Sanded wood mirror frame

Adding wax to wood bare wood mirror frame

After applying the wax, I let it cure following the directions before hanging on our newly painted black walls.

Sanded wood frame mirror

I can’t tell you how much I love the way the mirror looks on the wall. It looks so good with the contrast against the white and black wall.

Black painted wall and sanded wood mirror split level

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the black paint at first even though I was excited to do it. Now I love it so much! It looks so rich and cozy. The black paint  with the sanded and waxed vintage wood mirror is striking with the white and doesn’t make our room look smaller at all. Now I need to paint the upstairs hallway! You know how you start painting and it makes everything next to it look crappy? That’s about right.

Sanded and white waxed wood mirror against a dark wall

I’ll be sharing the rest of the room, especially our new TV wall ( yes, we finally brought a TV up to the main level after many years of not having one. I’ll talk more about that in the post.) soon! I have a really fun project I just finished!


Sanded and White waxed wood mirror DIY on black wall paint


  1. The mirror is lovely. And the black walls certainly add an air of sophistication to your home. Great job!

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