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Barn house girl…

I am a sucker for anything old and decrepit. The rustier, the more falling apart or dusty… add a bit of history or mystery and the more romantic it is to me for some reason.

On our West Virginia trip, I spied a bit of grey through the trees and had to investigate…

When I got closer, I was excited to see it was an old barn… After knocking on the front door of the house next to it; the really sweet elderly couple who owned the farm were more than happy to let me take pictures with a bit of history and a lovely chat.

The barn was built sometime in the 1930’s (karma) and they used it to keep thier farm tools and equipment.

They raised hay and cattle.
They had tried pear trees to start an orchard, but the Cicadas hit a year later and wiped them out.

When they became too old to work the farm,

they sold the 20 acres of the land off and kept 5 pristine acres to them selves.

including the barn and tools.

And hadn’t been inside in quite a few years.

Next to it was the chicken shed.

Despite the asphalt shingles, I thought it would make the dreamiest little retreat..

Maybe an artist’s studio?

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