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Basket of Lavender…Free art printable…

In honor of the height of summer, I wanted to share a free art printable with you!

This painting is called Basket of Lavender.

Free basket of lavender art printable

This was an acrylic painting I did a few years ago and I thought it would be the perfect piece to either print out and add to your mantel or use in your own mixed media piece.

To print just right click to save to your computer and print from there. If you are having trouble doing that you can also pin to Pinterest and right click it from the main picture.

Feel free to use this for personal use only and enjoy!

Microsoft Word - Document2 2


  1. Jen this is so beautiful and I’d love to print it off, but how does one do that? There doesn’t seem to be a way…

  2. So pretty Jen. I have to run out to get ink for my printer. Cant wait to get this! I.m also looking for a beach scene . Do you know where I can find one? I’m cheap that way. lol. I love free art!

  3. Beautiful painting. God bless you for sharing this with your readers. Love it!! Thank you!

  4. Jen, Thank you for this lovely gift. You made my day with this special touch of summer. Also thanks again for the info on your daughter’s quilt which I then purchased for my granddaughter’s room which I updated from princess theme as she is now 8. She was just here for vacation and loved it! (even made her bed everyday without any reminders! ) Kate

  5. Thank you for sharing your talents! This print will be a lovely addition to my kitchen gallery wall.

  6. Jen,

    When attempting to upload this to Sam’s Club photo (my favorite for poster prints) it advises that the resolution is too low for anything larger than 5×7. Would you be willing and able to share a file formatted for a larger print? I was hoping to give this a place of honor in my kitchen gallery wall, but need a larger sized print for to finish the wall.

    Thanks for your consideration of my request.


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