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Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural

It’s the reveal day, and I am so excited to show you my Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural!

You can see how I started here by stapling bedsheets over my beadboard wall in our dining area. For those of you who aren’t familiar with my home, we live in a 1960’s era split-level that is about 1,200 cozy square feet. Our dining area is directly off of our kitchen, as we have the typical, first floor kitchen-dining area-living room layout.

Over the last few years, our dining area has had many looks. I have a few below, before the big reveal.

Boho vintage dining room


The one thing we are lucky about with our dining area, is that there is an extra bump out behind where our one car garage is, so it gives us an extra 6 foot x 11 foot area. A few years ago, as my handmade business was growing, we added a built in bookshelf to divine the room, so I had an area to work in. Slowly, it grew so I could have more space to work.

Space divided with a built in bookshelf

Now that I co-own a retail store with a Makery in it, most of my creating is done at work, and we are able to re-purpose that area into a small office (some day I’ll share that space with you.).

Holiday dining room decor

We also had a lighting dilemma  a few months ago.  Our rewired vintage chandelier started blowing all of the circuits on our first floor. After a visit from the electrician, it turns out that our chandelier was a few switches-on away from catching fire. It took forever to find a light I liked, so we prepped food by a lamp for a while. It was very bohemian.

I finally found a light I liked, but not for the kitchen. We ended up swapping the dining room light into the kitchen, and putting the new light into the dining area, which then prompted me to give the entire room a much needed makeover! Are you tired yet? I know I am ! 🙂 Cue the Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural!

Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural painted on a bedsheet on Wall Jennifer Rizzo

So here it is (We are also adding a vintage door on barn door sliders, so I’ll have that to show you soon too.)! I still need to paint the trim a brighter white, and add some molding, but I will finish some of that after the sliding door goes up.


Love, love , love how it turned out! And, I really adore how it brings the outside inside. As a nature, and botanical lover, so bringing the outdoors in, in the dead of winter is important to me.

Dining area with MidCentury Modern inspired Lighting Jennifer Rizzo

The mirror was in our bedroom, but the round shape seemed to go perfect with the new lighting. Handpainted Birch tree inspired wallpaper mural painted in craft paint Jennifer Rizzo

The total cost of the project including the sheets was about $50, and only because I had to buy a new staple gun when I lost my old one. Do you want to paint your own mural? I have a tutorial here on how to paint birch trees here.

Here’s a before and after for comparison:

Jennifer Rizzo boho dining area

Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural painted on a bedsheet on Wall Jennifer Rizzo

We are ready to make the little room a little more usable too, and add a real door in place of the curtain that has been there for years. We found a great old door at the Habitat for Humanity Restore near us, and we are putting it up with barn door hardware.

Adding a vintage door with barn door sliders

We are in the process of hanging the door now, so I can’t wait to show you how it’s changed the entire space!


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