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Are bloggers the real trendsetters….?

I used to anxiously await my Pottery Barn or Ballard’s catalog. Elle Decor was a mainstay as were many, many other decorating magazine’s.
While I still love and buy from those places, after blogging for close the 3 years now, I’ve noticed that pretty much everything that comes out in catalog’s and magazine’s has already been done already by blogger’s about a year and a half before it’s put into print. For instance if you go back through trends, it was in blogland before it became mainstream.
I think it used to be we watched the magazines and catalogs for what was next. Now, they watch us.
So are now bloggers the real trend setters? I think so!

My thoughts on what’s next?
I think sustainability and a return to the basics is coming next. Local and organic is finally going mainstream and people are turning to handmade more than ever.
Gardening and growing your own, baking bread, keeping chickens, and a canning revolution.
and in home style ( some of it’s already out there):
wood countertops
menswear influences
graphic print curtains inspired by nature
farm prints
modern farmhouse instead of vintage
botanical graphic print pillows inspired by vintage
and as crazy as it sounds: railroad inspired influences..think 1930’s
signs, wheels, doors, gears, boxcar inspiration with maybe a hobo or two thrown in (Just wanted to see if you were still reading..!). Sound too out there???
So what do you think? Who do you think some of the next or continuing trendsetters are? Am I totally crazy? What do you think some of the next trends are?
And there are new “Bloganista’s” on the rise all of the time..
I thin one day we will be experts. Even though now I tell people I blog and they roll their eyes a bit. I think our days of having real street cred are coming because there are some talented people out there!!
Stay tuned!
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