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Boho Decor Bloggers You Should Know

Hi everyone, I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point of the quarantine where I am looking for new things to read and do. It’s been nice the last couple days where I could at least get outside and walk around the yard a little bit, and work on my moss path and do some yard clean up. In the in between time, I find I’m doing a few projects at home, and watching Netflix. While we haven’t quite watched The Tiger King yet, we have been binge-watching Schitt’s Creek, and trying to play catch up. We’ve reserved ourselves to a few episodes a night to make it last until we get to another series. In all of the finding things to do, a group of bloggers thought it would be nice to introduce each other to you, so in the next few posts, I am sharing some my friends who are Boho Decor Bloggers that I think you should know!

Boho Home Decor Bloggers You Should Know

The first blogger I wanted to introduce you to is Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof who organized the fun get-to-know-you group!

Jenna leads the parade at Rain on a Tin Roof where flying your freak flag is highly encouraged. She believes each room in your home should be filled with mad personality. You can find a picture of nude Burt Reynolds on a bear rug in her office. She put carpet on a wall in her bedroom, even though 1975 called and asked her not to. She believes black painted walls are always a good option, but has never turned her nose up at glorious color either. She’s a live wire. Never expect to know what to expect from her – except the unexpected. She’s clear as mud like that. 

You can visit some of Jenna’s posts here, here, and here.

Rain on a Tin Roof Blog

The next blog is Joy from  The Aspiring Home

Joy Maier
Joy has always been a HUGE believer in family and home. She creates and designs with budget in mind. Joy’s website is based on a simple truth, that a house becomes a home when it has roots and a family thrives if it’s members have wings, freedom to live out their purpose. Joy’s hope is that she can help her readers make a home that is both a haven and a launching pad that reflects her readers own passions and interests in a bright, bold and beautiful way.
Visit Joy and her creativity here, here, and here.

The Aspiring Home blog

Visit Reality Day Dreams next for lots of DIY’s and inspiration next!

Nick and Bethany Sy are the creative free-spirits behind DIY/Lifestyle blog, Reality Daydream. They recently purchased a historic mansion and have been documenting the ups and downs of renovation and making this home their own… all while sharing tips and tutorials along the way! When they found themselves in the trenches of infertility, they started a journey that would prove to be their most important DIY project ever, and have 3 beautiful girls to show for it.  

Stop by to see some of Nick and Bethany’s here projects here, here, and here.

Reality Day Dreams blog

I hope you enjoyed meeting these bloggers and seeing all of their fun projects! Make sure you stop back for the next post when I introduce three more!