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Boys bedroom idea mural-Flashback Friday

I thought it would be funny to pull out some pictures from a room I did way over 12 years ago when I had my mural painting business. It was for a family who had two boys. The one boy loved boxing. He loved everything about it and we for his boys bedroom idea, we decided to do a boxing ring. The homeowners were building a new house and wanted me to come in and paint before the carpet went in. Which with the way I paint is a great idea!

The first thing they wanted was an armoire painted red. Now, please remember that this was over 12 years ago. I would never paint such an awesome piece of furniture like this now. It was great quality and solid wood. It was also as heavy as all get out! I remember trying to get this into my van and feeling my shoulders  almost pull out of my sockets trying lift it out.

Mid century modern armoire

I was working with a designer and the red went on.

Vintage armoire painted red

It was cute, but they decided they wanted the red toned down a bit.This is when glazing furniture was all the rage.

Red painted armoire aged with brown paint

So to make it  a boxing themed room, I painted “ropes” all around the room.

Boys room mural idea

And I mean all the way around. It was really interesting trying to keep those lines straight.

Boxing gloves painted on wall

We even added some boxing gloves.

Red night stand in boys bedroom

We even found a red nightstand to match. It was a cute room for the time. Even though no one really does murals any more,at one time I was really busy.It’s so funny how trends like that come and go.

It’s kind of fun to look back and see how much my life has changed, and where I was. At that time I had this big dream that I thought would never come true to write a book.:)

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