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Painted Easter Egg Idea: Painting Landscapes

I have had a few plastic Easter craft eggs hanging around, and I thought it would be fun and different to use scenic woodlands and adventurous words as a painted Easter egg decorating idea for fake, paintable eggs (only) with a Painted Easter Egg Idea: Painting Landscapes. Mine were a type of plastic, but you can find paper-mache ones at the craft store too. I used regular acrylic craft paint for this project. I have the step by step so you can paint some too! If you are going to use those cheap, colorful, plastic Easter eggs, you may want to use a multi -surface craft paint because regular acrylic paint will peel right off.

Paint your plastic eggs in green and blue for the sky and ground

To start paintinng your faux eggs with a landscape, first paint the entire egg in a sky blue paint and let dry. It helps to use egg cartons upside down when drying. Once the blue paint is completely dry, apply a layer of  dark green paint at the bigger part of the egg with a soft brush. It may need a few coats to completely cover.  I also added a little yellow at the top of the green near the middle of the egg to give it some dimension and create the illusion of depth in the landscape.  It helps to paint the green and yellow close to each other while they are still wet so they can blend a little bit in the middle of the egg.

Add trees to your painted Easter egg idea

After the blue and green paint is completely dry, I then use some brown paint to make lines for pine tree trunks. You may have to wait between steps depending on how fast your paint dries. If you make enough eggs and use a thinner acrylic craft paint, normally by the time you get to the last, the first ones you did are ready for the next step.

Paint trees on your adventurously painted fake Easter eggs

To create the tops of the trees, use a thin brush to paint downwards strokes with a light shade of green. These will be your background trees.

Paint woodland scenery on plastic Easter eggs with this Painted Easter Egg Idea: Landscapes and Typography

Then add a few more brown likes with a thin paint brush, and then some trees in darker green paint and let dry, With painting the trees, I just used a series of little lines going downward from the middle, and getting a little bit longer near the bottom. I also varied their height  and position to make it look more like a forest instead of having them all line up. You can use three or four different shades of green to show depth in the trees. Always paint the lighter trees in the back and the darker trees in the front.

Paint adventurous words on fake plastic Easter eggs with this painted Easter egg decorating idea

After those completely dry so you can handle them, paint a fun words on your eggs in black paint in you like, or you can leave them painted just as pretty landscapes. To add the typography, can also use a black paint pen for a steadier hand, or even a stencil.

Adventurous sayings painted on Easter eggs

I picked adventure,travel,journey,and explore. I also painted a compass on one as well for fun. But you could also add your family names and use them as place cards.

Adventoursly painted Easter eggs decorating idea with acrylic paint for fake eggs. Fun to do and can be left out past Easter! Painted Easter Egg Idea: Landscapes and Typography

I thought this painted plastic Easter egg decorating idea would be fun and a great way to recycle those old, plastic eggs every one has hanging around, because you could leave them out for decoration way past Easter.

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