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Confessions of a serial rearranger…

I am finally forced to admit it. I have an illness. My poor hubby. Every time he walks in the house, he thinks he’s somewhere different. I was going back through some pictures last night and I came across some old pictures of my living room from 2007 when I started blogging and I can’t believe how much things have changed. My tastes have evolved so much and how I have moved to a lighter, brighter more cohesive style. I never really knew what I liked when I started blogging and I have slowly moved into really knowing what I love.  I guess we all gotta start somewhere.
There is a very cool side to blogging, which is how you can chronicle the history of your style. However, the very uncool side is that you can chronicle the history of your style. 
Bear with me…. I am going to take you along on this journey through the good, bad and really UGLY.   There are many cringe-able pictures here.
 Seriously.. the shelf isn’t even straight, I can’t believe those vases stayed on there.
The room was so long, I had no idea what to do with it for the longest time.  I just pushed everything up against the walls.
I LOVED that metal wall sculpture.  I thought it was the coolest and I still have it in my garage. I just can’t bear to part with it.And then there’s the red table and could someone PLEASE get this girl a level….?
 At this point in 2008 I had a redesign class come to my house. It was the best thing that could have happened to that room… and all of that crappy furniture.
 Couch, picture, coffee table paint job!
Wall color change! I thought this was sooo much lighter… ha!
I wanted a big mirror here and we couldn’t afford one, so these are dollar store mirrors.

 Another couch change!

I took the mirrors down and wanted a big mirror. …So I put  a tiny one up?
Moved the other couch in for more seating.
My hubby found this dresser on the side of the road and I finally got that mirror…
Only to finally get  a mantle and move it all around again….
Now here’s a quiz.. can you look back through all of the pictures and find the one thing that hasn’t changed?
Would you ever believe it was the same house? Owned by the same owners? Isn’t it crazy how much it has changed? Me thinks this might call for some kind of  a party…
Of course, it’s been over 3 years since the last bit of paint went on the wall so I am itching again I am so over yellow… 🙂
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  1. WOW! The changes are spectacular! I love the couches you have now, the look you have today could be in a magazine! I think our evolving is one of the best things about blogging. That and the supportive friends we meet here! t.xoxo

  2. i can’t believe you have all the photos to show the changes. good for you. i am always rearranging to, but have no photos to prove it. it’s come a long way baby.

  3. It is so fascinating to watch your style evolve! I’m sure most of us have had the same experience…I know I have. How great to have those pics to prove to yourself that you ARE growing! Looking at the first pic and the last is really revealing. great post!

  4. It looks like the clocks{?} on the wall by the windows have stayed throughout, but your drapes look like they hung around for a bit, too, Jen! It is amazing to see the metamorphosis of this room. I loved several of the ways you had it set up. Tastes change and, sometimes, it takes a little while to get the look we want {especially if you are on a budget}. I know I’ve gone through lots of decorating changes over the years to where I am now. Going back 20, 25, 28 years ago there wasn’t an Ikea or dollar store. I think there are a lot more reasonably priced options available now than there were then.

  5. That gold mirror is amazing!! Where do you have it placed now? I love the mantle too though, and all of the bird decor 🙂

    <3 Michelle

  6. i laughed aloud when I read the line “would someone please get this girl a level.” It is amazing that is the same room. Your style has really evolved over the years. It is lovely.

  7. What great insight! I loved it. Today marks 7 years in our new house. I should look back and see how I’ve changed too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can SO relate!! I am joining your serial re-arrangers club LOL
    Love all the changes you’ve made. Is the little wall of clocks still the same?

  9. I am the same way. I love how your room has evolved and can understand how you could love each change. It all looks great:) My rooms are always changing and by the time it is in print it will have changed again;) lol But isn’t that the joy of being passionate about decorating? I love a good redo:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixnes

  10. I’m currently redoing a room that I started on nearly 8 years ago and I want your couch! Seriously, the big one with the tufted back…. where is it from?

    I just repainted our room from a sage green to a robin’s egg blue and I just adore it. The frustrating thing is, after 8 years, even though I’m using the same color paint for the trim, it’s kind of discolored through the years and I can’t get away with just touching it up. I have to re-do the whole thing. Ughh. I have 5 kids, so I can get about an hour a day in……which means our music room will be torn up for a long time.

    Before you even asked, I noticed that the little clocks near the window hadn’t changed.


  11. I am quite amazed you have all the photos to show the changes, too! How cool it that to be able to look back. I think its good to recognize the evolution of your space and your style…make ya kinda wonder what its going to be 5 years from now, doesn’t it? Lol!


  12. I have the same rearranging thing. My husband came home one day and said he feels kind of seasick, because everything in our house is always changing. Love your style. I’m going to be horrified to look back on my rooms since blogging.
    Is it the rug?

  13. I love reading your blog!! what an evolution. your curtains are fantastic!!I love your sense of humor, you inspire me to keep listening to myself about what to do with my decorating, thank you

  14. OH before you even asked…love those curtains!!! Your a brave little lassie to show us all the BEFORES…mine are so horrid I can not bare to look at them..lets just say I had a very heavy floral stage!!! Great post,really enjoyed it! x0

  15. Isn’t it interesting how we view our homes differently once we actually photo them and post them on line?I just started blogging and I am changing away.Lots of things are going bye bye.I will be repainting soon.I have had the same color for six years now.I am always changing things too.I guess that is what creative people like to do.

  16. Change is a good thing, it’s how we improve our creative skill set. I can see you improving your craft through this series of pics. And our homes are the perfect canvas to explore our need to create. You have a beautiful eye, thanks for sharing your process!

  17. You have such fabulous style!

    (And, you aren’t the only one who doesn’t see the crookedness in other things around the room when she’s focused on something in particular!)

    I don’t move the furniture around as much as I switch up what’s in the kitchen cabinets. I keep finding better and easier ways to store things! Some days, Hubby has no idea where to find things. LOL.

  18. Such a fun post Jen! Looks like you left the plates/clocks hanging on the left wall throughout most of the transition. I love the way you have it all set up now. It’ll be fun to see how the room looks in another few years.
    Happy V~Day to you!

  19. Just came over after seeing your GORGEOUS kitchen at the Lettered Cottage and have to tell you how much I love your style and your blog! 🙂 This room is so beautiful and truly has gone through quite the transformation. I’m thinking there needs to be a serial rearranger support group or something! LOL!

  20. Newest follower after finding your story of the kitchen nook/eating area next to your new Work Space at The Lettered Cottage today.


  21. Wow what transformations nice to have kept those pics…I believe it’s the little clocks that have not changed …Your new changes are beautiful…My husband goes threw the same thing at our house…I invite you to drop by my blog for a visit…Blessings Lori

  22. I’ve been admiring your kitchen renovation via The Lettered Cottage. You did a brilliant job; I’m going to refer to it for thoughtful details if/when I ever have a kitchen to redo. We’ve been house-hunting for two years and I can’t wait to have a place big enough to rearrange, too!

    I think the people who criticize your rearranging talents must actually envy you. Keep it up, it’s a great gift to have a creative and restless eye.

  23. Oh you made me laugh too because I couldn’t help but relate to what you said. It is truly interesting to see how things have evolved. AND I know it will continue to change. Getting it all just right is an elusive thing. Thanks for sharing and continue to enjoy it all.

  24. That was really fun to see the transformation over the years. It’s amazing how our style evolves. I wish I had as many photo’s as you do to showcase the changes. So, besides changing paint color do you feel like you’ve achieved “the look”?

  25. Hi Jen,
    I happened to visit a bloggie friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life and she posted your kitchen.

    Wow! I could do a copy cat on your kitchen. It looks like we almost have the same scheme/the wood counter and few other touches.

    Love all your redos. Thank you for give me smart ideas, that GH (great hubby) is now nervous for the next projects §;-)

    Happy mid-week and keep safe always,


  26. Love all the changes!! With every picture it got better!! The two things i saw was that the curtains and the little round clocks on the wall stayed??

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