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Check out my new project in Country Living! DIY animal mugs!

You can see my painted DIY animal mug project in the Idea Notebook of May’s Issue of Country Living! It is really a dream come true.
It’s such an easy project too. You can grab all of the templates on their website so you can make washable stenciled animal mugs with fun images like chickens and horses. What an awesome way to customize a special gift for someone or create a matching mug set for your kitchen with a farmy flair!
Country Living Magazine with Jennifer Rizzo

The pictures in this issue are gorgeous! There are also a lot of other fun and really do-able projects for your home. Since magazines run month to month, there is a link below to access the digital article.
My DIY animal mugs in their ideas section! Using paint for ceramic mugs,  these are completely washable and microwave safe. I would just not get any of the paint close to any of the drinking area.

Stenciled animal mug from Country Living Magazine and Jennifer Rizzo

This is green horse  mugs that didn’t make it in, but all of them turned out so cute, it doesn’t matter. HE was one of my favorites next to the pig and sheep mug. I love how fun the colors are.
You can see the other mugs in the magazine in the Ideas Notebook section.
This would also be a really cute way to up ycle  vintage or old mugs as well. Sometimes everything just needs a little update with paint.
Fun and colorful stenciled  DIY animal mugs with Country Living magazine and Jennifer Rizzo
Image used with permission from Country Living Magazine
As I mentioned earlier, you can also print out templates for the DIY animal mugs on the webpage.
The best thing about this project is you could resize the animals and do it on decorative plates, pillows or even t-shirts with the right paint.
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  1. Congratulations!!! 🙂

    I hope the sewing fairies are being kind to you today! I think the other commenters are right about loose tension and no oil. My first sewing machine (got it when I was 10) smelled like a mack truck near the end of it’s life…15 years later…never oiled it! Oops!


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