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crafty holiday house templates

You can make these crafty holiday houses with foam core and sharpies!

I’ve added two templates to make a crafty holiday house from yesterday. That way if you want to try to make these sweet, little, houses for yourself you can! I’ve included them plan and decorated. That way, if you want to decorate them yourself and get crazy creative you can! Or, if you want an quick and easy project, I have them already doodled on.

Just right click to save. These should fit on a piece of regular old paper. If you want them bigger or smaller , you’ll have to resize them. That way you could use the templates and make an entire village!

Use battery operated candles to light up the mini houses

You can also skip the foam core, and make these out of a stiff card stock and print them on your computer, ready to go.

small house template


Small house template decorated

These two are for a smaller house.

Use sharpie to draw details on the houses

tall house template


Tall house template decorated

This one is for a taller holiday home 🙂

Taller holiday home in back. Houses made from foam core

I think they are so easy to do! You could also dress them up with scrapbook  paper and paint, or make them like a putz house with lots of glitter. They would be really pretty in a window at night.

I hope you enjoy making them!

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