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Holiday DIY Christmas House Village

Don’t you love the idea of a row of sweet, little Christmas houses in a village? The white foam board they sell at the craft store that the kids use for all of their craft and school projects (that they tell about the night before they are due) is the perfect way to create a row of holiday houses! It makes a great project base for adults too! You can make a DIY Christmas House Village from foam board with the instructions below and templates provided for this fun holiday DIY almost like making a little, modern Putz house.

Cute hand drawn houses put together with foam core


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After seeing all of these cute hand drawn houses around  last year, I decided to make a few of theses DIY Holiday House Christmas Village for my battery-operated candles (only!). After drawing out my pieces (full templates here!), and cutting them out to make the handmade houses in my village, I actually drew all of my embellishments like doors and windows with a sharpie first. I thought it might be easier to do it before I put everything together. After everything was drawn, I used super-tacky white glue and low tack tape to hold the pieces together. It dried fairly quickly. Don’t use a hot glue gun because it doesn’t work very well with the foam board and may even melt it. Super tacky glue is going to be the best bet.

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Cute embellishments found in the doll tree aisle for DIY holiday houses

Once the Christmas houses were assembled, I  glued little wreaths on them that I found in the miniature Christmas tree aisle. They have the cutest little decor items including little ornaments and trees. If the Christmas section is light on little embellishments, you can also try the dollhouse aisle of the craft store. You can makes these really colorful or decorate them with neutrals too.

Use sharpie to draw details on the houses

To create a sturdy base for them to sit on, I also painted some craft rounds white and glued boxwood around the bottom. You can also use different faux greenery or sprinkle a little faux snow. I made for a perfect place to out my battery operated candle, and add some cuteness around the bottom. Add some DIY air dry clay mushrooms to make them really cute!

DIY mini foam core Christmas houses

Once an adult cuts out the shapes. This would be such a great project for kids to do and a fun craft for the Christmas season! I only used a black Sharpie, but they come in so many colors now kids could go crazy. There are a few other brands of permanent markers that would work as well too. The best thing about this project is that you can substitute cardboard  instead of foam board for this project. It’s a great way to create not only an upcycled project, but use a free resource from all of the deliveries I know we get all of the time.

Use battery operated candles to light up the mini houses

You can also add some cute little bottle brush trees  or mini trees  with snow to the base like the ones I found at the craft store as well. The Christmas village display looks so cute and I am so happy with how they turned out! I’ve used these not only as stair display but as holiday mantel decor too. I think too this would be a great project to make into a gift box (and these can be made seasonless as well.). If you had enough patience to make little things, you could make these into a holiday village garland.

Houses with boxwood bases and mini wreaths

And I like that the Christmas village houses are just a little bit imperfect, and little bits of light are peeking out through where the house is joined together. I have a thing for Christmas village houses.

Jennifer Rizzo Christmas Pillows with houses

I created a Christmas in the Village pillow that has become one of my favorites. This Colorful Christmas Cottage wrapping paper and pillow are also my favorites.

cute hand drawn houses with battery operated candles


I also made a I would love to try to wrap this DIY Holiday House Christmas Village in fairy lights or even put them inside for a bit of a magical glow. If you loved this DIY holiday projects, you can also see how to make a Baking Soda Paint Christmas Trees.

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How to make a DIY Christmas village with printable templates



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