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Create Dragon Scale and Mermaid Tail Canvas Artwork

With fall approaching, I was inspired to make some fun artwork! I used DecoArt Decor Texture Paint to create a Dragon Scale and Mermaid Tail Canvas! It was fun to play with the texture, and fun warm-toned colors. It has a super pretty glimmery, and iridescent sheen to it. My Little was obsessed with mermaids for a while, and I knew this would be a fun project for her room.If you have any Game of Thrones fans in the house, they would probably love this project!

DIY dragon scales nad mermaid tail artwork

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You can see the step by step below in the pictures, or watch the video below of the process:

For this project, I used DecoArt Decor Texture Paint in Burnt Orange, Rose Gold, and  Metallics in Gold, an 8 x 10 canvas, and a old butter knife with a dull, rounded edge, hair dryer

Texture medium to create dragon sale and mermaid tail artwork

To create the scale and tail effect on the canvas, dip the very end of the knife in the texture medium, and press onto the canvas, pulling slightly backward, and lifting up. This will give the look of a scale.

Create a dragon scale texture

Just continue dipping and pressing as you move down the canvas, overlapping when you start creating the next layer.  Make sure to wipe the knife clean on a damp cloth between color changes.

Add second colors to create dragon scales

Once all of your paint is dry, use the low setting on a hairdryer in a well ventilated area to dry the top layer of paint. This will help it hold it’s shape. Hold the hair dryer at least a foot away. Too close can also flatted the paint. You want just enough air to dry out the top most layer.  Then let the canvas dry flat for at least 8 hours. 24 hours is better to make sure the paint is solid all the way through.

Paint edge of canvas gold

Once dry,the next step is painting gold paint or another shiny metallic over the top and the edge.

Paint gold paint for shimmer

 Also make sure to get in between any areas of the texture medium where your canvas is showing through.

Use paper towel to remove excess paint

Use a slightly damp paper towel to remove excess gold paint, let dry. It also helps to work in sections so one area doesn’t dry too fast if you are painting a big canvas.

Remove gold paint from canvas

Once it’s dry, your canvas is ready for display!

DIY dragon scales nad mermaid tail artwork

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