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Decorating with Kilim rugs and pillows

A few years ago, I had no clue what it was, let alone would consider decorating with Kilim. I hadn’t even heard of it! But, once I saw it, and knew what it was, I kind of fell in love.

If you aren’t familiar with the term:

Kilim rugs are flat-woven tapestry rugs. Their colors and pattern depends on where they are made. They can be from many places including the Balkans, Pakistan, Turkey and even parts of Eastern Europe.

They can be used as pillows, tapestries and even used as upholstery material.

I’ve rounded up some bloggers with amazing Kilim rugs in their home.

Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Company has a beautiful rug in her kitchen. I love the white with color of the rug and the island!

White Buffalo Styling Company decorating with Kilim in a white kitchen

She also has a beautiful Kilim rug in her front entry.

Kilim rug in front entry way from White Buffalo Styling Company

Savvy  Southern Style uses Kilim as a pillow on her couch with her other decor in her cozy sitting room.

 Kilim is so versatile, it can blend into any style, and, it’s fairly timeless.

Savvy Souhern Style kilim pillow in sitting room

I also love how Dimples and Tangles also uses it on her couch cushions.

 I have to ask, is that a Chicago thing? That the words pillows and cushions are kind of interchangeable, to the point of some people calling them pillow cushions like my Gram did? Or that she also called a sofa/couch a davenport, which I never really understood.

Cassie Bustamante vintage Kilim rug

Cassie Bustamante changed out a traditional rug for a  beautiful vintage Kilim rug, it just makes the guest room.

DIY kilim rug Honeycomb home

Kilim rugs can be pricey at times, so The Honeycomb Home shows us how to make one at a fraction of the cost!!!

Mudroom makeover with Sharon Joyce interiors and Killim rug

Sharon Joyce has an amazing mudroom makeover where she showcases her rug.

I like how she layered a smaller rug on a larger one to give it more impact.

Far above Rubies Kilim kitchen

Far Above Rubies has  a beautiful rug in her kitchen that adds nice color.

Sharon Joyce kilim pillow on couch

and she sneaks a little bit of pattern in on her pillows too.

So what do you think? Are you hooked yet on the idea of decorating with Kilim yet? I know I am going to start to keep my eyes out for one for my living room and maybe a runner in my kitchen to add some color and texture.

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